MS200 Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector

Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector and Control Module. Security. Anywhere, anytime.
Temperature detector
Mobeye MS200
GSM Temperature detector and control module
The Mobeye MS200 measures the ambient temperature continuously. When the temperature falls below
or exceeds the set temperature values, the unit sends alarm messages. The built-in GSM module calls and
sends SMS messages to the contact persons (max. 5).
Activated inputs trigger an alarm. The output relays can be switched after an alarm, or remotely by an
incoming call or SMS. It is a user option to switch the relays completely or only during a pulse time.
Flexible action and reaction patterns
The behaviour of the MS200 is programmable via the keypad or using
simple SMS commands. By adjusting the action-reaction patterns, the
behaviour of the inputs, outputs and the GSM unit flexible can be set up
according to your preferences.
upper and lower temperature limit
input type (NO/NC), free texts per alarm input, delay times
inactive time after an alarm, alarm repeat times
choice between calls and/or SMS after an alarm
behaviour and pulse time of outputs
authorising numbers for switching the outputs
time-based actions, interval for test reports
Thermostat function
By connecting the Mobeye MS200E to your heater (and if possible to your
temperature alarm
thermostat), it monitors and controls the temperature. Upon reaching the
thermostat function
alarm limits, you will receive a message. At the same time the heater can be
2 NO/NC inputs
2 relay outputs
remote control
power failure alarm
switched on. As soon as the temperature is back within the limits, the heater
switches off. It is also possible to control the heater remotely, for instance to
arrive in a nice and warm house.
Fields of application
The MS200 is a powerful GSM telemetry module which is ready-to-use
thanks to its default settings . For advanced system integrators there
are extensive customization options. The MS200 can measure the
temperature and any volt-free signal to convert it into a GSM signal
and/or to control connected devices. This makes the module suitable
for applications in the food industry, agricultural industry and the
medical and marine sector.
Mobeye MS200 Technical data
User interface
• keypad
• SMS / call
• 1 input digital temperature sensor
• 2 inputs (NO/NC)
• 2 outputs (max. 30V/2A)
(Alarm) messages
• SMS / call if the boat battery voltage is too low or too high
• SMS / call after triggered input
• SMS / call after power failure and power restoration
• SMS after low batteries
• SMS test messages (“keep alive”)
Output control
• triggered by an alarm
• triggered by activated inputs
• triggered by incoming SMS text message or call (from authorised phone numbers)
• status reports and settings report via SMS text message
GSM connection
• using external power, the GSM is open to receive commands for remote control
• PIN code security for configuration
• via keypad and SMS
• telephone numbers (max. 5)
• upper and lower temperature limits
• identification and alarm texts
• input type NO or NC
• action-reaction patterns for (alarm) messages.
possible triggers (actions): activated input, power restore, time-based, incoming call/SMS.
reactions: call, SMS message, controlling output.
• alarm delays times
• repeat times
• inactive times after an alarm
• interval test messages
• 9-32VDC (500 mA) + 4 CR123 back-up batteries (12VDC mains adapter en batteries included
• 145x90x45 mm
• quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 MHz
Ambient temperature
• -10˚ C ... 55˚ C (in case of low temperatures the battery life time is shortened.)
About Mobeye
The Dutch company Mobeye is specialized in high quality GSM/GPRS alarm and telemetry technology. Mobeye
products are characterised by configuration flexibility, user friendliness and an extremely low power consumption.
Mobeye aims to design and market products that contribute to a safer world for its customers.
Poeldonkweg 5
5216 JX ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
phone +31(0)73 - 78 50 858
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