Product Brochure Specifications

Take Control
of your Comfort and your Health
We spend most of our days indoors. It is important
to control the indoor relative humidity to maintain a
comfortable and healthy indoor air environment.
Very low humidity in your home can result in
dry, itchy skin or dry sinuses and nose. Dry skin can
crack and peel and will look unattractive and can lead
to infections. Dry noses and sinuses may lead to a
clogging or swelling and closing of the air passages
and cause breathing difficulty at night.
Choosing a GeneralAire Humidifier will improve your
comfort indoors and maintain a healthy environment
so you can breathe a little easier.
Air quality is only a concern
outdoors, isn’t it?
Not true! The air inside your home can
be even more of a concern to your health
and comfort, especially in the winter.
When cold, dry air enters your home and is warmed to room
temperature, the relative humidity in the average house can drop to
as little as 5%. Compare that to the average 25% relative humidity
of the Sahara Desert and you can understand why the air inside
your home can seriously affect your health and comfort. Since
various studies have estimated that most people spend as much as
90% of their time at home indoors, there’s reason to be concerned
about indoor air quality.
How does humidity AFFECT my comfort?
Since the air in your home is always trying to reach its saturation
point, it will absorb water wherever it’s found. That means it is
stealing moisture from the bodies of you and your children, your
pets, your furniture and even your house plants. By giving up
moisture to the air, your skin, throat and nasal passages dry out and
crack, leading to various physical discomforts. That’s why many
doctors recommend humidifiers for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Research has shown that 30% – 60% relative humidity is ideal.
Outside this range, bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites thrive and
multiply. As these creatures increase in number, so does your risk of
being adversely affected.
Are there any other BENEFITS to properly
conditioned air?
Yes, it can help you save energy! Warm, humid summer air feels
hotter than it actually is because of the moisture it contains. That
same principle applies to your home in the winter. By keeping the
relative humidity inside your home at an ideal level, you can turn
your thermostat down a few degrees and still feel comfortable.
Dialing down your thermostat just three degrees can reduce your
heating bill by as much as 5%.
*Expected Humidity Performance Coverage in Square Feet
based on infiltration rates (Air Changes/Hour) assuming
total 8 hour average furnace run time in 24 hour period.
Model 900A / 900M
Elite Series Humidifier
• Model 900A includes the GFX3
Automatic Digital Humidistat that
features a manual or automatic
mode with an outdoor sensor for
temperature compensating control
is included.
• Model 900M includes the SelectControl Manual Humidistat that
gives you the reliability you depend
on for quality comfort control.
Bypass Duct
6" diameter
• Vapor Pad® replacement number GA19. May also use 990-13.
• A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a
water-soaked Vapor Pad® where it absorbs additional moisture
and then returns for distribution throughout your home.
*Humidifier Performance Baseline Criteria
Outside Design Temp
Outside Design RH
Inside Design Temp
Inside Design RH
Ceiling Height
Plenum Temp
Test results derived from coldwater supply application.
• Remember to replace
your humidifier’s
VaporPad® at least
once a year for proper
humidity output,
optimizing your indoor
Plenum Opening
8-3/4" wide x 12" high
• Bypass humidifier mounts easily on the warm or return plenum and
delivers 17 GPD.
• Water is metered into a
patented KineticFlo™
trough and uniformly
dispersed across
the Vapor Pad®.
Unevaporated water
drains from the bottom
of the unit to eliminate
mineral build-up.
Model No.
Unit Size
12" wide x 16-1/2" high x 10" deep