Digital Compact Scale
HL-i series compact design makes it highly
suitable for weighing applications at work, school,
home or anywhere
New Innovative Novel Japanese Apparatus
Bat t eri d
l High Weighing Resolution of 1/2000
Precision weighing of 200g x 0.1g for HL-200i and 2000g x 1g
for HL-2000i
l Calibration Function
l Large LCD Display
Easy to read 13.5mm LCD display
l Large Weighing Pan
Easily weigh large objects on the 130mm diameter weighing pan
Easy and simple to calibrate the scale with external calibration mass
for accurate weighing
l Auto Power Off Function
Save battery life with the Auto Power Off function.
HL-i automatically shuts down after 5 minutes of disuse
l Multi Weighing Units
Meet any weighing application with weighing units of g, oz, ct and
tael for HL-200i and g, oz, lb-oz and teal for HL-2000i
l Low Battery Indication
Low battery warning is displayed when the batteries are running low
l Two Way Power
l Overload Indication
Use either 4 x AA batteries or the optional AC adapter
Display indicator for scale overload conditions
l Long Battery Life
Continuous operation for 1000 hours using alkaline batteries
l Tare Function to Full Weighing Capacity
One touch tare using the "RE-ZERO" key enables the user to use a
weighing container and still benefit from the full weighing range
of the scale!
l Stable Indicator
Lets you know when the scale is stable and ready to weigh ensuring
accurate weighing results
l Compact Size
Small size means it's easy to use anywhere. The scale can also be
stored on its side or rear, saving space!
HL-i Series Specifications
Capacity x Resolution
200g x 0.1 g
2000 g x 1 g
7.05 oz x 0.01 oz
70.5 oz x 0.1 oz
1000.0 ct x 0.5 ct
4 lb 6.6 oz x 0.1 oz
5.335 tl x 0.005 tl *
53.35 tl x 0.05 tl *
±0.015% / °C TYP (5°C~35°C / 41°F~95°F)
Span drift
Operating temp.
−10°C~40°C / 14°F~104°F, Less than 85%RH
13.5 mm / 0.53 in., 7segment liquid crystal display
Display update
Approximately 5 times per second
4 x “AA” size batteries or AC adapter
Battery life
Pan size
Approximately 1000 hours with alkaline cells at 20°C / 68°F
φ130mm /φ5.1in.
130(W)x192(D)x51(H)mm / 5.1(W)x7.6(D)x2.0(H)in.
Approximately 500g / 1.1lb
Calibration weight
AC adapter
* tl : Taiwan tael
AX-TB-196 AC100V with A plug
AX-TB-202 AC120V with A plug
AX-TB-164 AC220-230V with C plug
AX-TB-173 AC220-230V with BF plug
AX-TB-172 AC220-240V with S plug
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