Model 15 Multi-Format Encoder Spec Sheet FEATURES

Spec Sheet
Model 15 Multi-Format Encoder
Combines Digital and Analog formats in one unit
Single key re-page of last page made
Multiple pagers entered into keyboard stack
Automatic transmitter keying and microphone muting
Transmit inhibit input provides automatic channel monitor
Custom two-tone paging tones, or Plectron format
Serial Port supports Alphanumeric paging
Single key access to stacked pages
Keypad programmable for format setup
Model 15 Field-Programmable Encoder
The Model 15 is designed so that all setup parameters are
keypad programmable and can be changed by a technician
at the site to support any required system changes. The unit
includes the Analog, Digital, and/or Custom Calls paging
format packages. The installer can set up to 14 blocks of
paging formats without having to contact Zetron for new
firmware. This makes the Model 15 a good choice for most
manual encoder applications.
The Model 15 encoder is designed for simple operation. Pages
are entered with the sixteen button keypad and are displayed
on a six character LED display for verification before being
A special key is provided to clear an invalid entry or abort a
page in progress. A page can be repeated simply by pressing
the page key again as long as the last page code is still in the
display. The paging cycle is always indicated in the display to
eliminate confusion.
Stack Pages
An operator can select a programmed stack of pager codes
by entering a single digit. These stacks can be changed in the
Alphanumeric Paging From A Computer
The Model 15 includes an RS-232 port and various cables
are available to connect to a CRT or personal computer. This
allows on-screen control and the entering and sending of
alphanumeric text messages.
Alert Tones
This feature allows the user to send an audible alert
(assuming the use of tone and voice pagers) following each
page or stack of pages in the form of electronic siren, beeps,
or hi/lo warble.
The installation of the Model 15 is straightforward. The
encoders can be powered by a wall transformer or an
external 12 VDC supply. The unit performs a self-test of the
microprocessor circuitry when power is first applied.
With the M15 all connections are made on a screw terminal
strip. Relays allow transmitter keying and microphone muting.
An input is provided for connection to a channel activity
indicator, such as a COR signal, to inhibit the encoder until the
channel is clear. A steady tone can be generated to facilitate
transmitter deviation adjustments.
The Model 15 features analog, digital and custom paging
Analog Formats
The Model 15 allows field selection and programming, from
the front panel keypad, of any of the common analog paging
formats. Formats included are Motorola, GE, Reach, 5/6 Tone,
DTMF, HSC and others.
Digital Formats
The Model 15 includes POCSAG, GOLAY (GSC), Metro
Pageboy, and NEC formats.
Custom Formats
The Model 15 is the ideal encoder for alerting nonstandard
tones, including Plectron and Federal. The Model 15 allows
the installer to program the custom frequencies in the field,
without sending the unit back to Zetron and also lets the
owner create stacks of pages that can be initiated with one or
two keystrokes.
When using this format, a “digital capable” transmitter is
necessary, as with other digital paging formats. Numeric
messages may be entered from the keypad.
Metro Pageboy/ Metrx
This version of the Motorola 2-tone sequential paging tones
and format has a four digit capcode and allows for higher
capacity paging than the more typical codeplans. Group call is
supported in this option as well. SPECIFICATIONS
Tone Formats:
Digital Formats:
Motorola or GE two-tone, Five/six tone sequential, Reach, 2805 Hz mobile phone dial, DTMF, 1500 Hz, Hexadecimal Sequential Code
POCSAG numeric display, Motorola Golay numeric display, NEC tone only, NEC numeric display, POCSAG alphanumeric display, Golay alphanumeric display
PO Box 97004, Redmond, WA USA 98073-9704
(P) 1 425 820 6363
(F) 1 425 820 7031
27-29 Campbell Court, Bramley, Hampshire RG26 5EG, United Kingdom
(P) +44 1256 880663
(F) +44 1256 880491
PO Box 3045, Stafford Mail Centre, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia
(P) +61 7 3856 4888
(F) +61 7 3356 6877
Call Capacity
100/1000-call and group call
Multiple 1000-call plans
100/1000/10,000/100,000-call with optional preamble or dual address
Custom Calls:
Random selection of tones and timing up to 200 calls
100/1000-call and group call
2805/1500/DTMF : 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 digits
512, 1200, or 2400 baud data rate, Voice, 255 character Alphanumeric messages, 1 of 4 strappable function codes
Alert Tones:
Automatically added at the end of the page sequence. Choice of beeps, sirens, or warbles
Special Features
Large 0.4” high, six digit, 7 segment readout
Page Indication:
Display message
Voice Prompt:
Display message (“talk” when appropriate)
Built-in Self Test:
Comprehensive test on power-up. Mode for setting transmitter deviation. (Analog and Digital)
Re-page :
Units holds prior pager number in display
RS-232 Serial Port:
300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
jumper selectable baud rate.
Keyboard Stack :
Allows the entry of a number of pager codes at one time from the keypad to be paged all at once
Field Programmable: The format configuration is fully programmable from the keypad. Menu prompts on the LED display
Power Supply:
115 VAC 60Hz Wall Transformer
220 VAC 50Hz Wall Transformer
Electrical Specifications
Output Frequency
250 - 3500 Hz +/- 1.0 dB maximum
Frequency Accuracy: +/- 1.0%
Audio Output:
Single-ended. Adjustable, +5 dBm to -20 dBm (0-4 Vpk-pk into 600 ohms)
Tone Distortion:
2% nominal from pure sine wave
Digital Output:
+/- 0-7 VDC, adjustable, polarity selectable
Control Outputs:
2 sets of SPDT contacts, rated at 1 A at 26 V AC; One for PTT, one for switching audio output between tone and microphone
Transmit Inhibit:
Senses closure to ground
Power Supply:
120 VAC +/- 15%, 48-62 Hz wall transformer
12 VAC rms or 12-14 VDC at 700ma maximum
Operating Temp.:
0 to +65 degrees Celsius
3.3”H x 8.2”W x 9.3”D Desktop high impact plastic case
19 oz.
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