SPOT Newsletter December 2011 In the News

SPOT Newsletter
December 2011
In the News
Thank You! SBS would like to thank you for your continued support and a great 2011!
2012 is expected to be another productive year of refinements, enhancements and new
features. From all of us at SPOT Business Systems we wish you and your families a happy
holiday season.
2012 SPOT User Conference - The 2012 user conference will be held March 15-17, 2012, at
the Marriot City Center located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This location
will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Salt Lake City and Utah’s world
famous “spring skiing” just 45 minutes away. Come relax, learn and meet the SBS crew in
this beautiful setting. Conference and room reservation information is now available on our
web site.
SPOT Installs our 100 Assisted Assembly Bay - Since its release in late 2009 the integrated
SPOT Assisted Assembly Manager has been installed around the world in small and large
organizations. Far more efficient than manual assembly, Assisted Assembly is included in
every SPOT license and is a cost effective alternative to conveyor based assembly. A retrofit
of your current assembly bay is all that is needed. Options to install single or multiple bays,
Assisted Assembly will support a single or multiple departments per bay. Other money and
time saving uses of Assisted Assembly can be found in restoration and bulk goods assembly.
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SPOT Installs our 241 Automated Conveyor Client - We pushed the technology curve with
our first automated assembly, storage and delivery integration in 2002. Since that time we
have lead the industry and improved the technology and functionality. We are developing
the 6 generation conveyor client and supporting utilities to be release in 2012.
Notice – Data Center Technology Update - As technology moves forward in our data center
the technology of your hosted workstations / clients must follow along. As of today we
have 520 of our 3000+ connected workstations using outdated Citrix ICA clients. 90% of
these clients were installed prior to 2005. We have contacted many of you regarding these
aging clients explaining the update process. In most cases it is as simple as installing a new
client and a quick configuration in SPOT. Depending on the age of your equipment you may
encounter any of the issues noted below:
 Citrix client will “not” operate on Windows 2000 workstations.
 Windows CE or Linux based thin clients are not eligible for the client update and
will not print properly.
 Printing to an Epson TM-T88 I, II and III will be extremely slow. The last TM-T88 III
rolled of the assembly line in late 2004. It is suggested to replace these printers
with the latest TM-T88 IV or TM-T88 V printers prior to your client updates.
These aging clients must be updated by April 1, 2012 or you risk having workstations that
will not connect to our hosted environment.
Section 179 Tax Credit – Remember to take advantage of this year’s IRS Section 179
deduction and bonus first year depreciation. This year the section 179 limit is $500,000 for
qualified equipment or software that is purchased or financed. Please see your tax
consultant and take advantage of the Section 179 deduction.
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Tips and Tricks
Do you have end of year price changes
to complete? Don’t forget about our
Price Change Utility. It is located under
the Menu (F3) > Configuration > Price
Change Utility.
You can easily change prices across the
board, by department, or by specific
item or Upcharge table. Change prices
with a fixed amount or a percentage.
Price changes are made simple with
several automated rounding options.
You have the option to review and
modify individual item prices prior to
saving the price changes.
Make the changes necessary, view the
changes, and save the changes. It is
that simple.
Do You Have a Tip or Trick?
If you have a Tip or Trick you would like
to share please email
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Office: 801-495-1200 | Sales: 801-208-2212 | Support: website or 801-208-2210
Feature SPOTlight
Don’t Forget to Update Your Holiday Schedule! - Schedules are assigned at the Store, Route and Hotel level to provide maximum
flexibility. Schedules are defined at Company Settings > Markin Settings > Holiday Schedules. Schedules are assigned to a store at Store
Settings > Markin Setting > Holiday Schedule and to routes at Route > Holiday Schedule.
Send Batch Emails - Would you like to send your customers a holiday coupon offer or maybe let them know what your holiday hours will
be? Try using SPOT’s Batch Email feature. You will find it in the Menu located under Email/Messaging. Just click on ‘Email – Batch’,
select the stores and routes you want to include, compose your email, preview and send. It’s that easy! You may use a generic email,
create a custom html template or attach a document to your email.
‘Customer Initial Activity’ Reports - Would you like to track when your new customers visit or see who your “one and done” customers
are? The Customer Initial Activity Reports can show you this. There are three different initial activity reports: Customer Initial Activity,
Customer Initial Activity – Pickups, and Customer Initial Activity (By Referral). All of these can be found in the Reports Gallery under
Customer and will show you the first five visits for a customer along with the phone the number, address information, referral source,
sign up date and how much was spent at each visit.
Customer Referral – Track and incentivize your current customers with customer referrals. Associate an existing customer as a referral
to a new customer at signup. As your existing customers become referrals they will receive either a cash credit or account credit based
on sold invoices for the new customer. You define the percentage of sales paid and length of time the credits will be accrued. Your staff
may print a referral slip for existing customers to hand out to potential customers. A referral slip may include a specified coupon that
will incentivize a new customer to visit your store. Referrals are configured at the store level using Store Settings > Customer Settings >
Customer Referral Settings. Once you have setup the configuration you will navigate to the new customer’s customer detail screen and
enable and select the referring customer. To print a referral coupon navigate to an existing customer’s customer view screen and select
the “Referral Coupon” button. This button is found at the bottom of the customer view screen.
Customer Profiling – With over 65 different selection options profiling enables you to slice and dice customer data with options to
export to csv, excel or Mappoint. Selection criteria includes signup date, store, route, department usage, coupon usage, total spent,
number of visits along with other key data points. With all of these options you will have 57 fields exported. You can define a specific
group of customers or export the entire customer database and use Excel or other tools to analyze your data. Using the Mappoint
output you may view the data set in Mappoint displaying geographical locations. “Customer Profiling” can be found in the Reports
Gallery > Customer > Customer Profiling.
FAQ From Support
Upcoming Events
Keep SBS Updated with Current Contact Information - If you have changed your email
address or contact information please forward the changes to We will
update our records and make sure we keep you informed.
SPOT Users Conference 3/16/2012
The 2012 SPOT Users Conference will
be held at the Marriot City Center
downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.
Come join the SPOT team and your
peers for 2 days of learning, fun and
great food.
Identify Your Workstations - To assist in expediting support calls please place a clearly visible
label on your computers indicating the name of the workstation. This label may be placed on
the computer or the monitor. With a workstation name support has quick access to
troubleshooting tools and information. This label will expedite troubleshooting. If you need
assistance finding the name of a workstation, login to SPOT and look at the top of the
window. You will see “XX logged in to YY at AA”. The YY
the workstation name.
Last Notice - End of Windows 2000 Support
As of July 13, 2010 Microsoft is no longer supporting the Windows 2000 operating system.
SPOT/SBS will no longer support this environment so please plan your migration from the
Windows 2000 platform.
Southwest Drycleaners 3/30/2012
Stop by and visit us in San Antonio,
Last Notice - End of SQL Server 2000 Support
Due to limitations in backward compatible features SPOT/SBS will no longer support the
Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Please plan your migration to SQL 2008.
Office: 801-495-1200 | Sales: 801-208-2212 | Support: website or 801-208-2210
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