WBI-series Whisper Power Battery Isolator
Recreational vehicles • Professional marine • Commercial trucks • Industrial systems
Your ultimate solution for charging multiple battery banks
Low voltage drop battery isolator
WBI 150-2 IG • WBI 150-3 IG
Looking for a way to charge your multiple battery banks independently? Without the heat generation
of conventional battery isolators. Looking for a robust solution without changing you charging system?
Find our best-in-class electronic battery isolator range.
The WBI–series low voltage drop battery isolators have a negligible voltage drop and are therefore the
ultimate solution for charging multiple battery banks with charge equipment whose charge voltage
cannot be adjusted. Another advantage is that due to the low voltage drop the WBI does not waste
charging energy. This results in a very high efficiency.
- Increase the life of your batteries
- Fast and complete charging of
multiple battery banks
- Connect up to 3 battery
banks simultaneously
- Charge up to maximal 150A
- Very high efficient
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s m a rt e n e rg y s o lu t io n s
WBI 150-2 IG
WBI 150-3 IG
Art. Nr.
Technical specifications
Number of2
outputs 3
Maximal current
Nominal system
12 or 24 VDC
12 or 24 VDC
Input voltage
8-30 VDC
8-30 VDC
Voltage drop
0.0V@10A / 0.1V@20A
0.0V@10A / 0.1V@20A
Insulation to
ground > 500V @ 60Hz
> 500V @ 60Hz
Operating temperature
-40.. + 85 C
-40.. + 85 C
Conformity EN 50081-1 (emission) EN 50082-1 (immunity) EN 60950-1 (safety)
Dimensions ( l x b x h )
146 x 85 x 92 mm
146 x 85 x152 mm
810 gram
810 gram
Warranty 2 years
2 years
- No adjustments needed for the alternator or battery charger
- Compatible with any alternator and/or battery charger
- Ignition contact to be fully compatible with all alternators
for external excitation or voltage sensing
- Low voltage drop over the battery isolator
- No voltage drop when batteries are fully charged
- Prevents the current flowing from one battery to another,
keeps your starter battery always fully charged
The WhisperPower low voltage loss battery isolator is the
best-in-class solution for charging multiple battery banks
simultaneously and compatible with any type of alternator
and/or battery charger. Designed for use in both existing
and new systems, without making additional adjustments
to the alternator. As the voltage loss between the alternator
and battery is negligible, the electronic low voltage loss
battery isolator performs far better than conventional battery
isolators. This result in fast and complete charging of your
While conventional battery isolator use diode splitters with low
efficiency, the Whisperpower battery isolator uses electronic
technology. This technlogy ensures that charging continues at
the correct voltage level, even with several battery banks.
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The Whisper Power Battery Isolator can be used in any application even if the standard alternator needs external excitation
or voltage sensing. In this case the standard “Ignition switch”
( IG ) contact can be connected.
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