Phase Control Installation

Phase Control
This bulletin describes the installation of a Phase Control on a Plug-in Control Plate. The Phase
Control can also be installed on Control Plates without the Plug-in modification manufactured after 1980
(the plates must have the switch mounting holes for either the Carbon Switch or the Flat blade Micro
switch). Control Plates without the Plug-in modification can be upgraded.
1. Remove the Plug-in Control Plate from the Platter System by grasping it with both hands and pulling
straight up. (NOTE: If you do not have Plug-in Control Plates, use the Control Plate removal
instructions from the Operations Manual which came with your Platter System.)
2. Disconnect the red and blue wires from the switch currently on the Control Plate and remove the
switch and all switch mounting hardware from the Control Plate.
3. Relocate the feed pulley to
the hole designated for use with
the Phase Control (See Fig. 1).
This hole is not present on
Control Plates manufactured
before 1991. The Phase Control
will still function if the feed
pulley is not moved, however
best operating results will be
obtained if it is moved. Part
number 1843 (Drill Template
Kit) is available if you need to
add the hole.
4. The actuator shaft (See
Fig. 1) on control plates
manufactured before 1991 is
made of plastic. Using a steel
shaft here will improve the
performance of the Phase
Control. Order part number
1265 (Shaft), and part number
1069 (Screw) to replace the
plastic shaft.
PIB 1825 5/27/97 Page 1
Figure 1
Phase Control Installation (continued)
5. Remove the screw and washer from the Phase Control cover. Position the Mask Arm in the center of
its vertical slot and remove the cover. Position the uncovered Phase Control on the Control Plate and
route the red and blue wires between the Base Plate and the Circuit Board, one on either side of the
center standoff, and connect the wires to the switch (See Fig. 2). The Phase Control will not function
correctly if the wires are reversed.
6. Use the two mounting screws provided to attach the Phase Control to the Control Plate. Be sure the
Mask Arm is located correctly in relation to the Actuator Shaft (See Fig. 1). The flat head screw goes in
the mounting hole closest to the center standoffs,. The truss head screw goes in the mounting hole
closest to the edge of the Phase Control (See Fig. 2).
7. The Phase Control needs to be adjusted before reinstalling the Control Plate on the Platter System.
(See Product Information Bulletin 1802, Phase Control Adjustment.)
NOTE: The potentiometer inside
the Phase Control has been preset
at the factory and should not be
altered. The position of the LED
over the Photo Cell is also preset
at the factory and should not be
altered. Only position adjustments
should be required to make the
Phase Control function properly.
Figure 2
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