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Fiber OneShot PRO
Service Provider Fiber Troubleshooter
Don’t Let Fiber Cabling Problems
Take Down Your Network
Fiber OneShot™ PRO is your first response,
singlemode fiber troubleshooter that locates
Fiber optics is steadily replacing copper
severe bends, high-loss splices, breaks and
wire for signal transmissions. Whether
dirty connectors in singlemode fiber—up to
you are troubleshooting FTTx, Hybrid Fiber
15 miles of fiber (more than 23,000 metres)
Coax (HFC) or fiber links between Central
diagnosed in less than five seconds.
Offices or working on regional or rural
access networks, Fiber OneShot PRO is
Most troubleshooting solutions for today’s
your first line of defense — a quick and
fiber network are inefficient and take too
simple fiber diagnostic tool. Singlemode
much time. Simple tools like lasers (VFLs) are
fiber provides a higher transmission rate
easy to operate but extremely repetitive and
and up to 50 times more distance than
tiresome; most VFLs have distance limitations
multimode, so for a service provider, it’s
of 2 or 3 miles (3,218 or 4,828 metres). At
important to protect this key investment.
the high end, Optical Time Domain Reflectors
Key Customers:
(OTDRs) can work as troubleshooters but their
advanced analysis and trace capabilities are
• Regional Bell Operating Companies &
Service Providers
better suited for certifying and documenting
• Cable Television Operators/MSOs
technicians really need is a first-line
cable installation quality. What field
• Independent, Regional & Rural Telcos
diagnostic tool that locates fiber cabling
• Singlemode Network Technicians
problems accurately, the first time.
• Contractors
Fiber OneShot PRO’s simple, one-button test
• Network Installers
feature, its speed and its distance capability
• Metropolitan Networks
make it your perfect frontline
Fiber OneShot PRO Highlights:
fiber troubleshooter.
• Analyzes your fiber link in less than
five seconds* with the push of one
User-selectable loss
and reflectance
thresholds exceeded
• No training required or confusing data
to interpret
measurement and link loss capabilities with
Distance to incident
being displayed; in this
case, the 4th of 4
*Typical test time
Technical Data
power meters and VFLs:
• SimpliFiber® Pro power meter measures
optical power for both singlemode and
multimode cable. The SimpliFiber Pro meter
features the ability to save a reference
power level, enabling a direct display of
fiber loss.
• “No running between the fault
and hub”
• “33% of our testing is in no-light
situations. This is great for measuring
in those situations”
alone product or as part of a comprehensive
convenient kits, you can easily add power
What customers are saying:
• “Gives me a quick snapshot of the
fiber’s status”
Fiber OneShot PRO is available as a standfiber testing kit. With Fluke Networks’
• Handheld and ruggedly built for the
outdoor environment
• “Cut our average job time by up to
Fiber OneShot PRO
• VisiFault® Visual Fault Locator (VFL) loExample of troubleshooting
information displayed by
Fiber OneShot PRO
Scroll through all
cates fibers, verifies continuity and polarity
and helps find singlemode and multimode
cable breaks, connectors and splices. Compatible with 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm
connectors for an easy connection.
Fiber OneShot PRO — One-button Fiber Troubleshooting
for Carrier Networks
When and Where to Use
Fiber OneShot PRO
• Locating breaks or potentially weak
• Long range—Fiber OneShot PRO is perfect
network cabling areas—severe bends,
for large service provider networks, MSOs,
Fiber OneShot PRO provides immediate and
high-loss splices and dirty connectors
metropolitan areas, rural areas, regional
in-depth visibility into a carrier network’s
can diminish fiber network performance
carriers and campus environments up to
singlemode fiber cabling:
or cause network failure. Fiber OneShot
75,459 feet (23,000 metres).
PRO locates high-loss incidents based on
• Compatible with all PON wavelengths—
default or user-defined settings, so you can
Fiber OneShot PRO can troubleshoot fibers
customers down? Need to diagnose fiber
deliver high network performance
using any standard PON wavelength:
troubles with inexperienced technicians or
to your customers.
1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm.
• Troubleshooting—video service to fiber
technicians who don’t normally work with
• Locating potential sources of bit error
fiber? Fiber no-light situations? Degraded
rates—reflectance caused by end-face
network performance on longer fiber runs?
contamination or poor connections leads
Fiber OneShot PRO helps you locate the
to bit errors. Fiber OneShot PRO locates
source of the problem or eliminate cabling
as the culprit. No need to blindly waste
these problem areas quickly and easily.
• Analyzing the channel—quickly confirm
time manipulating lasers or flashlights and
connectivity by verifying all the links and
walking between central offices, hubs and
connections in your channel.
customer premises.
Fiber OneShot PRO is ideal for troubleshooting singlemode fiber networks by locating severe bends, high-loss splices and other causes of fiber
failure, diagnosing network degradation and analyzing out-link connectivity.
17.5 cm H, 7.8 cm W, 3.8 cm D, .35 kg weight
including batteries
Operating temperature
with the battery
0ºC to 50ºC
-20ºC to 60ºC
Operating relative
(without condensation)
95% (10ºC to 35ºC)
75% (35ºC to 40ºC)
uncontrolled < 10ºC
Random, 5 Hz to 500 Hz, MIL-PRF-28800F CLASS 2
1-meter drop test
9,842 feet/3,000 metres
EN 61326-1:2004
Battery type
2 AA alkaline batteries (no battery charger)
Battery life
More than 1,500 tests (typical)
Laser safety
Class 1 CDRH
Complies to EN 60825-2
LCD type
Backlit black and white (segments)
Index of refraction
1.45 to 1.5 (factory default is 1.468)
Auto turnoff
Automatically turns off after 5 minutes if no
keys are pressed. Backlight turns off first.
Maximum number of
incidents shown
Distance accuracy
± (1 m + 0.1% x length) for reflective incidents1
± (3 m + 0.1% x length) for non-reflective
Testing speed
5 seconds typical testing time
Removable/cleanable SC adapter, UPC polish
Fiber types tested
9/125 μm singlemode
Detection of
reflective incidents3
-45 dB default threshold (user-selectable: -24 dB to
-62 dB in 1 dB increments)
Maximum reflectance
-24 dB
Loss Threshold
1.5 dB default warning threshold (user-configurable
from 0.5 dB to 6.1 dB in 0.1 dB increments)
Bulkhead quality
If no fiber is attached or if the connector is dirty,
the troubleshooter displays 0 m or 0 ft.
Live fiber detection
Detects optical signals from 1250 nm to 1625 nm
and shows ACTIVE LINE if a signal is there. Looks
for a signal every 3 seconds after the first detection. +7 dB maximum input power.
P Conforms to relevant European Union directives
Factory calibration
Output wavelengths
1550 nm ± 20 nm at 25˚C
Laser classification
Class 1 CDRH Complies to EN 60825-2
Maximum distance
75,459 feet or 23,000 metres
; Conforms to relevant Australian standards
Certifications and
$ Listed by the Canadian Standards Association
CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1.04
Ž Conforms to FCC Rules, Part A, Class A
1. ± user-configurable Index of Refraction (IOR) error ± the incident location error.
2. ± user-configurable Index of Refraction (IOR) error ± the incident location error.
3. Detects the location of an incident that has a reflectance larger than -62 dB. Detects incidents >2 m after the bulkhead connector when the bulkhead
reflectance is <35 dB. Detects incidents >3 m after an incident when the incident reflectance is <35 dB.
Fiber OneShot PRO Ordering Information
Fiber OneShot PRO only—includes meter, SC adapter, 22-language Quick Reference Guide on CD, manual and batteries
Fiber OneShot PRO-SC-Kit—includes meter, SC adapter, UPC-UPC 2-metre patch cord, holster, case, 22-language Quick Reference
Guide on CD, manual and batteries
Fiber OneShot PRO-SC-Kit with VisiFault—includes meter, SC adapter, UPC-UPC 2-metre patch cord, holster, case, 22-language Quick
Reference Guide on CD, manual and batteries plus the VisiFault Visual Fault Locator with 2.5 mm universal adapter
Fiber OneShot PRO-SC-Kit with SimpliFiber Pro—includes meter, SC adapter, UPC-UPC 2-metre patch cord, holster, case, 22-language
Quick Reference Guide on CD, manual and batteries plus SimpliFiber Pro optical power meter and SC adapter
Fiber OneShot PRO-SC-Kit with VisiFault and SimpliFiber Pro—includes meter, SC adapter, UPC-UPC 2-metre patch cord, holster,
case, 22-language Quick Reference Guide on CD, manual and batteries plus the VisiFault Visual Fault Locator with 2.5 mm universal
adapter and SimpliFiber Pro optical power meter and SC adapter
Fiber QuickMap Kit—includes Fiber QuickMap, SC/SC and SC/LC (50 and 62.5 μm) hybrid test reference cords, and carrying pouch
2-metre UPC-UPC patch cord
1-metre UPC-APC launch cord
Launch/receive fiber, 9/125 μm, SC/UPC to SC/UPC, 130 m
Launch/receive fiber, 9/125 μm, SC/UPC to ST/UPC, 130 m
Launch/receive fiber, 9/125 μm, SC/UPC to LC/UPC, 130 m
Launch/receive fiber, 9/125 μm, SC/UPC to FC/UPC, 130 m
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