Intelligent 4-Door controller datasheet

Tecom® Series / Door Controller
Intelligent Four-Door Controller
The Intelligent Four-Door Controller extends the Challenger
system’s capability to provide state-of-the-art access control
Each Intelligent Four-Door Controller provides intelligent access
control for up to four doors including both entry and exit readers,
Access control operations like badging a card or entering a PIN
can be programmed to function only during specified times of
the day.
‘Forced Door’ and ‘Door Open Too Long’ alarm can identify
a security breach to the access control system and trigger a
remote alarm and/or a local alarm.
Anti-passback tracks user movements in or out from defined
regions, reducing the incidence of user tailgating and card
sharing that could undermine the integrity of the system.
Extensive programming features can be used to program a
sequence of unique events for a desired outcome (macro logic).
Access control doors can be interlocked. The operation of one
door can disable the operation of another door for high security.
A card can be programmed for dual custody, so that entry will be
granted for the user only after a different user also badges their
card to indicate permission.
The Intelligent Four-Door Controller’s onboard database provides
access control functionality even if communications with the
Challenger panel (TS0816) fail.
The Intelligent Four-Door Controller supports ASSA ABLOY’s
Hi-O (Highly Intelligent Opening) door network via the TS0864
(Challenger to Hi-O Gateway). Utilising a TS0864 per door,
the Intelligent Four-Door Controller can support up to 4 Hi-O
enabled doors.
Up to 12 Intelligent Access Controllers can add 48 access
control doors to a Challenger panel’s 16 doors
Request-to-exit support for each door
User counter, interlocking, card + PIN, 3X badging
The TS0867 has 16 alarm inputs and 4 Wiegand reader
The TS0866 has 8 inputs (expandable to 16). No Wiegand
reader connections.
Local RS-485 bus for up to four readers per door with in/out
Supports wide range of third-party readers
4 relays onboard for lock control
Up to 48 freely programmable outputs using macro logic
Intelligent Access Controllers’ onboard memory supports
11,466 users and can be expanded to 65,535 IUM users (the
Challenger panel must use the same memory configuration)
System conditions such as low battery, mains fail, and
tamper can be programmed to operate outputs
All reader LEDs are programmable, and can display alarm or
access status
Input devices can be monitored for tamper conditions (open
or shorted) in addition to the default monitoring for sealed or
alarm conditions
Automatically unlock doors for a programmed time period
(override time zone)
Supports up to 4 ASSA ABLOY Hi-O enabled doors using a
TS0864 Challenger Hi-O Gateway for each door.
The Intelligent Four-Door Controller also supports many reader
technologies and many different lock types as standard.
Real-time alarm and access control on four doors
Supports card formats of up to 48 bits
Onboard database for offline condition
National Sales Enquiries
1300 361 479
Intelligent Four-Door Controller
Ground Floor
10 Ferntree Place
Notting Hill, Victoria 3168
T: +61 3 239 1200
System Block Diagram
Hi-O™ is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand
or Challenger Hi-O Gateways
Operating current (no peripheral devices)
LAN monitoring
Specified cable for Wiegand reader connections
Enclosure dimensions (W x H x D)
System Capacity
Devices are polled for online state
6-core shielded data cable (Belden 9536 or equivalent)
385 x 585 x 77 mm
95% noncondensing
Note: Units should only be used in a clean environment and not in humid air
4 Doors, 16 Inputs, 16 Relay Outputs
Distance from panel: Up to 1,500m
Length of local bus: 1,500m
Both may be extended with LAN Isolation Interfaces
Operating temperature
0 to 500C
Auxiliary Power Supply
12 VDC/700 mA
Battery Testing
Capacity and Inputs/Outputs
PIN codes
Door groups
Up to 2 with 7Ah each
input 240 V at 50 Hz; output 18 VAC
Time zones/holidays
16 (free programmable inputs)
Relays on board
4, expandable to 16
Programmable events
Up to 48 output events programmable with macro logic equations
RS-485 Local LAN Support
Up to 16 devices (Combination of keypads, readers and/or Challenger Hi-O Gateways)
Individual addressing with DIP switches
11,466; expandable to 65,535 with intelligent user module (IUM)
1,000 expandable to 65,535
10; expandable to 255 with IUM
I MB standard.
Optional 4 MB IUM and 8 MB IUM modules. Must match Challenger panel
Wiegand 27 bit, Tecom ASC, K 32 bit, Wiegand 26 bit, Indala ASC 27 bit, Indala ASC 26 bit, Wiegand 32
bit, Tecom Magnetic Card, Midas Magnetic Card, C36 bit. In an IUM Challenger system, users can have any
card format up to 48 bits.
Card formats
Regulatory Compliance
ACMA C-Tick for Australia and New Zealand
Ordering Information
Intelligent 4 Door Controller with 4 Wiegand reader connections, with TS0329 enclosure and transformer
Intelligent 4 Door Controller with 4 Wiegand reader connections
Intelligent 4 Door Controller with no Wiegand reader connections and only 8 onboard inputs
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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