HOW TO INSTALL A PAPER FILTER BAG FOR ADVANCE ADVAC, RELIAVAC, AND KENT RELIAVAC UPRIGHT MODELS INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAPER FILTER BAG INSTALLATION 1. This is the paper filter bag unfolded from its package and pictured from the back. 2. This is the paper filter bag unfolded from its package and pictured from the front. Notice the secondary tube that fits onto the vacuum pipe is spread open prior to installation. 3. This is the rear view of the exterior cloth bag attached to the Nilfisk Advance Advac, Reliavac, or Kent Reliavac upright vacuum. 4. Unzip the cloth exterior bag to expose the inner compartment. 5. Remove old used paper filter bag to expose the bottom pipe. 6. This view is of the new filter bag with pipe tube spread and ready to slip over bottom vacuum pipe. 7. Slip paper filter bag pipe tube over pipe gently and use the metal spring bag to secure paper bag on tube. Note that the spring fits into a groove located near the top of the vacuum pipe so that it does not slip out of place, or allow the new filter bag tube to slip away from the pipe. 8. This is a closer view of the bag spring in place and the filter bag tube properly installed at the base of the vacuum. Now, gently push the paper filter bag inside the outer cloth shell. 9. Viewing the installed bag from the top (no need to remove cloth bag from metal bag clip at top, this is simply to show a picture), notice that the newly fitted paper filter bag is flat and neatly attached. The paper filter bag will inflate once the vacuum is turned on so that it fills the entire inside of the cloth shell. MARKO, INC. * 1310 Southport Rd. * Spartanburg, SC 29306 * 864‐585‐2259 * 866‐466‐2756 
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