Zenith Specification Sheet
Zenith Chilltap For The Home
Instant Chilled Filtered Drinking Water
Under Sink Domestic Chiller
Zenith Chilltap
• Instant chilled filtered drinking water at your fingertips
• Delivers up to 60 glasses per hour
• Cost effective solution to buying and storing bottled water
• Delivers refreshingly chilled water between 5°C and 10°C
• Triple-action sub-micron fully encapsulated filter
• Chiller and filter system stored out-of-sight under the bench top
Recovery rates
Product Details
Chilltap 60 glasses/hour
Initial draw off glasses
Recovery glasses/hr
Lic No. WMKA21821
As Zenith’s policy is one of continuous product improvement
changes to specifications may be made without prior notice.
Specification Sheet ZENSSCTD1 | Updated February 2012
Zenith Specification Sheet
Zenith Chilltap® For The Home
Product Selection Chart
Order Code
Model No. With
Sub Micron Filter
Initial Draw
Off Glasses*
Recovery Glasses
Per Hour
Chillltap For The Home
*Standard glass = 200mL
Technical Features
• Instant chilled filtered water at your fingertips.
• Under-sink filtered water chiller with sink
mounted quarter turn ceramic tap.
• Up to 60 glasses of chilled water per hour.
• Chrome plate brass tap head with quarter
turn action lever and 360° swivel spout.
• Chilled water temperature is maintained
between 5-10°C.
• Sub-micron filtration to NSF/ANSI 42
and/or 53 industry standard.
• Tropic rated chilling system that is cost
effective alternative to bottled water.
• Pressure limiting valve equipped to protect
filter against extreme water pressure.
• Vented system to ensure system is never
compromised due to surges in
water pressure.
• Air cooled condenser with a compressor
rated at up to 0.25 hp.
Installation Requirements
To be connected to a 10amp GPO, 220V-240V
AC power supply and in accordance with
AS/NZS 3350 wiring regulations.
Tap should be installed at the rear of a sink, on
a flat surface to dispense into the sink. A 25mm
diameter cut-out is required for fitting and
under-sink chiller should be located if possible
directly under the tap-maximum 1 metre
away. Operational unit minimal clearances of
60mm left, right, rear and above. Filter should
be mounted where readily accessible on the
chiller unit or on the adjacent cupboard wall.
Cupboard doors should be offset using 4mm
buffers provided. When installing the unit where
minimum clearances are met, consideration
should be given to installing an auxiliary exhaust
fan accessory. Suggested exhaust fan location
is in side wall to adjoining cupboard or the floor
of the cupboard into the kickboard space.
In some hard water areas where mineral
scale accumulation may be a problem,
consideration should be given to the
maintenance required. A suitable form
of water treatment may be necessary.
90650NZ – Aluminium ventilation grill kit
99015NZ – Disposable cup system
58000NZ – Sub-micron replacement filter
1 year parts and labour warranty.
Technical Assistance
To be installed by a qualified tradesperson in
accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
and AS/NZS 3500 plumbing regulations. Water
connections 15mm BSP. Designed for direct
connection to a potable cold water supply
with minimum pressure of 70kPa; maximum
700kPa. If static pressure exceeds 700kPa, a
500kPa pressure limiting valve must be fitted.
An isolating valve should be installed between
the water supply and the operational unit.
Contact Zenith Heaters Ltd
Unit 2/15 Moselle Avenue, Henderson
Auckland 0610
New Zealand
T: 0800 558 055
F: 0800 559 055
270 mm
129 mm
Tap spout swivels 360º so it is
out of the way when not in use.
65 mm
Water supply
Tropic-rated, air-cooled, super-quiet
chiller is located beneath the tap.
Initial draw-off rating is eight 200 ml
glasses of chilled water at one time.
Includes combination pressure-limiting
valve and double non-return valve.
210 mm
305 mm
Recovery rate is sixty 200 ml glasses
of chilled water per hour.
Pressure-limiting function limits filter
cartridge water pressure to 600 kPa.
377 mm H
Double non-return function prevents
backflow from filter into water supply.
Brass m/m connecter included – for
connection to incoming water supply.
Patented filter head makes
changing filters as easy as
changing a light globe.
Filter cartridge simply slips up
into the head -- a twist makes
it water-tight.
353 mm W
253 mm D
Note: under-sink unit can sit width or depth facing front
As Zenith’s policy is one of continuous product improvement
changes to specifications may be made without prior notice.
Specification Sheet ZENSSCTD1 | Updated February 2012
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