Solution Brief: HP, SUSE with Hortonworks Data Platform

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HP with Hortonworks Data Platform for Apache Hadoop
Store, manage, and process Big Data at scale using a modern
architecture leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, designed
to reduce complexity and increase value and performance.
Key use cases
• Finance – Fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and risk management
• Government – Fraud detection, anti-money
laundering, and risk management
• Telecom – Broadcast monitoring, churn
prevention, and advertising optimization
• Manufacturing – Supply chain optimization,
defect tracking, RFID correlation, and warranty
• Energy – Weather forecasting and natural
resource exploration
• Healthcare – Drug development, scientific
research, evidence-based medicine, and
healthcare outcomes analysis
Channel the Big Data deluge
Reference architecture
Enterprises today deal with more data than
ever before, and storing, accessing, and
understanding it creates big challenges.
HP ProLiant DL and SL servers, along with
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, provide optimum
computational performance for Hadoop.
Apache Hadoop is an open-source project
that provides an innovative new platform for
consolidating, combining, and understanding
large-scale data. It was designed to provide
fast, reliable analysis of structured and complex
data at Internet scale. As a result, many
enterprises deploy Hadoop alongside existing IT
systems, which allows them to combine old and
new data sets in powerful new ways.
When price/performance for high I/O
bandwidth workloads is of primary importance,
compute power-optimized systems such
as the HP ProLiant DL380p Server are ideal
candidates. Typical applications in this tier are:
HP and SUSE provide several performanceoptimized configurations for deploying
Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) clusters of
varying sizes, significantly reducing complexity
and increasing value and performance.
•In-memory processing
HDP includes the full suite of essential Hadoop
capabilities and allows you to deploy Hadoop
wherever you want it—from the cloud or onpremises, as a cluster, or as an appliance—with
accessibility from heterogeneous platforms.
As the only 100 percent open source Hadoop
data platform available, HDP also allows you
to fully leverage your existing investments.
•Real-time streaming
•Machine learning
•Search indexing
The ProLiant DL380p Server has the high CPU
clock rate and large memory configuration
required for these workloads, with a data
footprint that ranges from hundreds of
gigabytes to multiple terabytes.
Brief | HP with Hortonworks Data Platform for
Apache Hadoop
When low cost per terabyte is the prime
factor, storage-optimized systems, such as
HP ProLiant SL4540 Servers, are an ideal fit.
Typical workloads are:
•Web log analytics
•Sentiment and click stream analysis
•Applications such as Hive and MapReduce
The HP ProLiant SL4540 Server platform is an
ideal candidate for this tier as it is slanted toward
higher storage density to tackle the large data
volume and is also very good for mirroring cold
data for backup/disaster recovery.
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HP recommends using a 64-bit operating
system to avoid constraining the amount
of memory that can be used on worker
nodes. SUSE is a leader in high-performance
computing, with more than half of the world’s
largest super computer clusters. HP supports
the 64-bit version of SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server, which offers superior file system,
performance and scalability characteristics,
plus the comprehensive, certified support of
the Hortonworks and HP-supplied software
used in Big Data clusters.
In addition, the SUSE YES Certified Program
ensures your HP system platform is compatible,
certified, and supported with SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server. By using SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server in a Hortonworks Hadoop
solution, you get a completely supported stack
of hardware, operating system, and enterprisegrade data platform. Plus, SUSE’s extensive ISV
portfolio of software, including Hortonworks,
means you have access to even more supported
combinations of analytics applications, like HP
Vertica, HP Autonomy, and more.
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HP services and support
To help you jump-start your Hadoop solution
development, HP offers several Big Data
services, including Factory Express and
Technical Services Consulting. With the
purchase of Factory Express services, your
Hadoop cluster will arrive racked and cabled,
with software installed and configured per
an agreed upon custom statement of work.
Technology Services Consulting offers
specialized Hadoop design, implementation,
and installation and setup services. HP offers a
variety of support levels to meet your needs.
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reference architecture.
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