18SP571 – Install EGR Valve S-Pipe Clamp Kit 23532831
This kit is used to correctly install the S-pipe to the EGR valve assembly. The
EGR valve/S-pipe joints are designed to flex with a high degree of temperature
changes without leaking. Correct installation of this kit will help ensure leak-free
EGR valve operation. The kit includes the items listed in Table 1.
Part No. Qty.
Clamp Assembly
Pin, Clevis
Nut, M8 X 1.25
Washer, M8 Spherical Face
Clip, Clevis Pin Retaining
Installation Instructions
Table 1 Components of Kit 23532831
Install the kit as follows:
To avoid injury from hot surfaces, allow the engine to cool before removing any
component. Wear protective gloves.
To avoid injury from accidental engine start-up while servicing the engine,
disconnect/disable the starting system
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1. Ensure the engine is at ambient temperature and cool to the touch. If there is
no leak present at the joint between the manifold and S-pipe, skip Steps 2, 4,
5, 8, 9, and 10. If a leak is present, remove the nut, spherical washer and
crab. Discard the nut and washer.
The former spherical washer can be reused. In the event it is lost or
damaged, a replacement is provided in the kit. The former nut, if it is similar to
the one provided in the kit, can be reused.
2. Loosely install the crab and new spherical washer and nut on the M8 stud in
the exhaust manifold. See Figure 1.
1. S-Pipe
5. Turnbuckle Clamp
2. Crab
6. EGR Valve
3. Spherical Washer and Nut
7. EGR Cooler
4. Exhaust Manifold
Figure 1 EGR Cooler and Related Parts
3. Install the turnbuckle clamp on the EGR cooler using the clevis pins and clips.
The turnbuckle nuts on either side of the clamp should be extended. Each
turnbuckle should be engaged by a few threads. See Figure 2.
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1. Turnbuckle Clamp
4. Bolt
2. Clevis Pin
5. EGR Cooler
3. EGR Valve and Actuator Assembly
6. Clip, Clevis Pin
Figure 2 Typical EGR Valve Installation
4. Slide and rotate the S-pipe into position with hold-down tabs under the crab.
See Figure 1.
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5. Slide and rotate the EGR valve into position between the S-pipe and cooler.
See Figure 3.
The valve TOP is indicated on the casting.
1. EGR Valve Assembly
4. Clip, Clevis Pin
2. Turnbuckle Clamp
5. Clevis Pin
3. S-Pipe
6. EGR Cooler
Figure 3 EGR Cooler and Related Parts
6. Rotate the turnbuckle clamp up and over the S-pipe so that the clamp saddle
rests in the bowl on top of the S-pipe. See Figure 3.
7. Tighten the nuts on the turnbuckle clamp by hand, making sure both nuts are
tightened equally and the same number of T-bolt and U-bolt threads are
engaged into the nuts. This will center the clamp saddle over the S-pipe.
If one side is tightened more than the other, the EGR valve will be pulled out
of alignment, and the exhaust gas path will not be sealed.
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8. Tighten the nut on the crab at the other end of the S-pipe. See Figure 1.
9. Shift the S-pipe back and forth to ensure the spherical joints are properly
seated and aligned.
10. Torque the crab nut to 25 – 30 N·m (18 – 22 lb-ft). See Figure 1.
11. Torque the clamp turnbuckle nuts to 20 N·m (15 lb-ft), ensuring the same
number of threads on the U-bolt and T-bolts engage into the nuts. See
Figure 3.
12. Install air line to fitting on EGR valve actuator and torque to 19 – 22 N·m (14
– 16 lb-ft).
13. Reconnect starting power, start engine, and check S-pipe for proper sealing.
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