Mighty Output LED Battens Color Force 48 / 72 Practical & Mechanical

Color Force 48 / 72
Mighty Output LED Battens
The Chroma-Q® Color Force™ LED batten range is a brute of a light. The super bright
fixture easily washes up to 8m / 26 ft. In addition, the RGBA LED engines provide a
radically increased colour palette, together with a high CRI of 92 and theatrical grade
dimming, all in the same fixture.
Mighty Output
The Color Force offers extreme light output, lighting an 8m / 26ft drop cyclorama in
your choice of colour.
Optional accessories include a Cyc lens plate for up to 5m / 20ft drop and a Border lens
plate for general purpose wash applications.
Below demonstrates the Color Force output compared to a traditional 1kW cyc flood.
Identical camera settings were used in the comparative photos.
Practical & Mechanical
On the outside, the Color Force has been designed
to provide maximum versatility and ease of use.
The built-in power supply, hidden quick release
fixings requiring no tools, and mains power /
DMX in at one end and out the other provide fast
deployment and simple cable management.
The Color Force also features stand-alone Master
and Slave modes for additional usage possibilities,
flat end plates for seamless wall-washing and a rugged
extruded aluminium body.
The Color Force features
smooth, theatrical grade
dimming and intuitive
colour control for all console
types. Advanced software
enables industry standard
3 channel RGB and HSI
control for each light engine. A full range of flicker-free modes are also included.
With separate RGBA control every 150mm / 6” and a comprehensive built-in
effects engine, the Color Force offers new possibilities in cyclorama effects.
Color Force Output
Traditional 1kW Cyc Flood Output
Power across the Spectrum
The Color Force offers massive output across
the spectrum, ensuring both vivid saturates
and subtle palette colours are available from
a single fixture.
It provides a single fixture solution for concert
touring, corporate events, exhibitions, TV and
The Chroma-Q RGBA engine has been
developed to deliver an incredible CRI of 92,
for true colour balance across the spectrum.
The Color Force custom optical design provides
a smooth, uniform output with outstanding
smooth colour blend across the spectrum.
Key Features
High CRI of 92
Theatrical grade dimming
Extremely smooth, uniform wash
Massive output across the spectrum
Radically increased RGBA colour palette
Choice of 1.8m / 6ft (72) and 1.2m / 4ft (48) lengths
Super bright fixture, easily washes up to 8m / 26 ft
Saturate and pastel colours available from a single fixture
Technical Specification
Color Force 48 / 72 Technical Specification
Product Code 48 / 72
(with Border lens kit)
(with Cyc lens kit)
Control Protocol
Cooling System
Forced - 2x fans
Net Dimensions 48
1,181mm x 182mm x 177mm / 46.5” x 7.25” x 7”
Anodised aluminium extrusion
Net Dimensions 72
1,759mm x 182mm x 177mm / 69.25” x 7.25” x 7”
Built-In Hardware
Quick release lever for tilt adjustment
Net Weight 48
15kgs / 33lbs
IP Rating
Net Weight 72
22kgs / 48lbs
Power Input Rating 48
100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 400VA
CISPR 22 :2006/EN55022 :2006 & CISPR 24 :1997/
EN55024 :1998, ICES-003 :2004 & FCC Part 15
Subpart B: 2007, CSA C22. No. 166-M1983:R2008 UL
1573:2003; UL 8750
Power Input Rating 72
100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 700VA
Control & Photometric
LEDs 48
8 LED engines, 24 (6 x RGBA) LEDs, 192 total LEDs
Variable Effects Engine
LEDs 72
12 LED engines, 24 (6 x RGBA) LEDs, 288 total LEDs
Lumen Output 48 / 72
White 8,000 / 12,000 hot lumens (prelim.)
Control Modes 48 / 72
31 / 43 channels Fx HSI
24 / 36 channels HSI
24 / 36 channels RGB (*Magic Amber)
32 / 48 channels RGBA
33 / 49 channels sRGBI (*Magic Amber)
9 / 9 channels Fx HSI
3 / 3 channels HSI
3 / 3 channels RGB
4 / 4 channels RGBA
5 / 5 channels sRGBI (*Magic Amber)
1 / 1 channel DMX Look Select
Specialised close focus lens
Beam Angle
(with optional Cyc lens)
(with optional Border lens)
23° (approx.)
80 x 30° (approx.)
60° (approx.)
Beam Distribution
Asymmetrical direct illumination
Adjustable 1,000 - 10,000K
Colour Gamut
Performance enhanced
Lamp Life
L70 at 50,000 hours
Border lens for 48
Border lens for 72
Cyc lens for 48
Cyc lens for 72
Half snoot for 48
Half snoot for 72
Clear lens plate for 48
Clear lens plate for 72
Dimming Curve
*Magic Amber is the term used for the unit’s ability to bring in amber when mixing colours that require it.
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