Visonic Launches Comprehensive Safety Offering for Residential Market

Visonic Launches Comprehensive Safety Offering for
Residential Market
New “Visonic Home Safety Series” of fully supervised wireless detectors
leads the industry for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance
Tel Aviv, Israel – July 1st, 2008 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and
manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components,
today announced the release of the Visonic Home Safety Series of fully supervised
wireless detectors. Comprising carbon monoxide (CO), smoke, natural gas,
temperature and water leak detectors, the Home Safety Series is the most
comprehensive range of fully supervised residential safety detectors available from a
single source.
The detectors all comply with the most stringent North American and European
quality and detection performance standards. They work in combination with
Visonic’s PowerMax® family of control panels, enabling homeowners to leverage
their PowerMax-based anti-intrusion security system to also protect their families and
property from common safety dangers. Unlike standalone detectors, the Visonic
Home Safety Series detectors are part of a fully supervised wireless solution. They
are easily maintained and tend to be serviced and replaced on time because the low
battery and end of life alerts emitted by the control panel are virtually impossible-toignore. This dramatically reduces the likelihood that homeowners will forget or ignore
maintenance issues and dramatically increases the likelihood that the detectors will
work when needed.
Homeowners who are already concerned about home security are most likely to also
be concerned about protecting their families, homes and possessions from
environmental hazards such as carbon monoxide and fire. With the Visonic Home
Safety Series of detectors, security products distributors and installers can expand
their offering and provide customers the comprehensive reassurance they seek.
“Visonic has evolved from being a leading specialist supplier of wireless home
security products into a major player in the home safety arena,” said Avishay
Deutsch V.P Sales and Marketing at Visonic. “Just as it is vital to secure
homeowners’ properties, it is crucial to safeguard the health and lives of their
families. Our new Home Safety Series opens the way for Visonic customers to more
fully protect people and their homes from the widest range of dangers.”
Remote monitoring for an always-safe environment
The Visonic Home Safety Series provides the first line of defense for keeping people,
home structures and furnishings safe. Offering superior performance that meets or
exceeds the most demanding international standards for detection capabilities and
reliability, the detectors provide early warning of developing fires, rising CO and gas
levels, extreme
temperatures, and newly sprung water leaks. In addition to producing alerts
whenever specific dangers are sensed, the detectors transmit alerts to the Visonic
PowerMax control panel. The control panel emits visual and voice warnings and also
instantly forwards alerts to designated phone numbers. This enables rapid and
effective response – even if no one capable of acting to safeguard people and
possessions is at home at the time.
Full safety offering
The Visonic Home Safety Series includes the following detectors. They all issue
visual and/or audial alarms and send notifications as detailed below to the PowerMax
control panel.
Wireless Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector (MCT-425) – Low battery and
maintenance notifications
Wireless Supervised Carbon Monoxide Detector (MCT-442) – Low battery,
maintenance needs and replacement time notifications (five-year life)
Wireless Supervised Flood Detector (MCT-550) – Highly-sensitive; detects water
at ground level; low battery notifications
Wireless Supervised Temperature Detector (MCT-560) – Detects extreme cooling,
freezer fault, and extreme heat temperatures; up to 4 selectable temperature points;
low battery notifications; additional probe allows monitoring of outdoor temperature
as well
Wireless Supervised Natural Gas (MCT-441) – Detects Methane (CH4) gas used
for cooking and heating; internal battery notifies the system in the event of a general
power failure
About Visonic
The Visonic Group (LSE:VSC.L;TASE:VSC.TA), founded in 1973, is a leading
developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security systems and components
that provide people around the world with total security in every aspect of their lives.
Building on its decades-long position at the forefront of home security innovation,
Visonic is today leading the drive to expand the boundaries of security, offering
advanced solutions to the full range of residential safety needs, from securing the
house and contents to safeguarding the health and comfort of the people who live
there. Visonic's offering includes a wide variety of security, home management and
telehealth systems and a market-leading variety of peripherals. Visonic is
headquartered in Israel, where it operates a development center manufacturing plant.
Its sales and marketing subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, UK, Poland, Spain and
Hong Kong are supplemented by a worldwide network of distributors, serving a
growing installed based that spans more than 70 countries. Please visit
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