multi-zone system
evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures
evohome allows the installation of multiple temperature
you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones
sensing devices around the property without altering existing
in domestic properties. evohome will also control domestic
pipework, disrupting décor or damaging fixtures and fittings.
hot water.
evohome is suitable for any home with a hydronic (wet)
central heating system. Zoning solutions can be designed for
even the simplest of property layouts. evohome is ideal when
With touchscreen control, the user can quickly gain control of
exactly where and when the property should be heated.
Remote access is provided via a tablet or smart phone.
looking to control temperatures in larger properties such as:
Wireless Radiator Controllers provide an easy way of
luxury apartments; large family homes; homes with business
installing heating zones without draining down or disturbing
use; multiple occupancy apartments and light commercial
pipes or décor.
spaces such as doctors surgeries and small offices.
evohome really is the brain of the heating system.
evohome controller
The screen will show energy efficiency messages to the homeowner
as each zone’s temperature will be colour coded to show potential
over or under set point temperatures.
There are a number of quick actions available to make it easy
to change the heating requirements for a short period.
The multi-zone evohome controller controls the time and
temperature of up to 12 heating zones plus a domestic hot
water supply if required. Each zone has independent time and
temperature control.
„„Day Off mode changes the schedule for all the zones to
It has a backlit colour LCD screen. The unit can either be wall
mounted with an external power supply or table mounted on
the table stand. This is powered by a 13amp power cable.
The evohome controller can be removed from the stand for
easy programming for up to 2 hours before returning to the stand
for charging.
The evohome controller provides access for the installer to
fully control the heating system. It is suitable for radiators, hydronic
The colour of the surround can be changed to either black or
silver. A choice of idle screens, analogue or digital clock displays
and a choice of day or night mode increases the aesthetic
properties of the most visible part of the evohome system.
When controlling the heating system the evohome controller
has a number of features that make operation easy.
The evohome controller can act as a room thermostat on its own.
Zone names can be input to match the actual property and the
zones can be controlled as multi-room or as single-room zones.
Zones can be configured to give individual local override of
a room or rooms within the zone.
The programming in the unit is split between in-use and installation
sections with a wide variety of control choices for the property
owner. There is a guided scheduling wizard for the property owner to
help them set up time and temperature profiles in each zone and
a guided configuration facility for installers.
a pre-set day (i.e. change a week day to a weekend day)
„„The Heating Off button will turn all the zones off unless
the frost protection temperature level is reached
under floor and a mixture of both types of heating. Cycle rates,
minimum on times and fail safe parameters can be set.
OpenTherm® capability is built-in to work with OpenTherm®
boilers (not hot water systems). Boilers can be controlled by
either a boiler relay or an OpenTherm® bridge. You can
programme a temperature offset for the evohome controller
screen when used as a temperature sensor in its own right.
Hot water cylinder overrun and temperature offset levels can be
programmed as can the hot water temperature itself. You can
carry out a wireless Radio Frequency (RF) check using the
evohome controller screen. Wireless binding of the system
components is carried out via the touchscreen and additional
sensors can be easily bound in post application if the zoning
requirements change.
In-built optimisation features such as ‘delayed start’ and ‘optimum
stop’ allow evohome to intelligently optimise start and stop times.
A learning TPI algorithm ensures each zone adapts to the weather
and the seasons.
evohome controls
evohome consists of a number of quality
components manufactured by the
UK’s leading manufacturer of home
heating controls.
Radiator controllers
The radiator controllers use two-way communication with the
evohome controller to ensure that commands are received and
valves opened while maintaining boiler interlock.
Attractively designed
These slim, ergonomically-designed radiator controllers will fit
on most standard TRV bodies. They are battery powered with a
two-year battery life and a battery low reminder visible on both the
radiator controller screen and the evohome controller screen.
The flip-up screen is backlit and can be positioned so that it can
be easily viewed or folded away flat.
Full of features
The backlit LCD screen displays the zone name, and local set
point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be
overridden by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller.
Override temperatures can be set in half degree increments
and are effective until the next scheduled temperature change.
There is an open window feature that recognises sudden
temperature drop and shuts off the local radiator.
You can also buy additional screen covers that allow the screen
surround to be either silver or black, the set of covers also comes
with a replacement white cover to ensure that any superficial
damage to the surround can easily be replaced. You can buy a
replacement evohome controller table stand and also obtain a wall
mounting kit. Individual evohome components will also be
available as spares.
The zone temperature changes made at either the evohome
controller’s screen or via the remote app will change in real time
on the screen on the radiator controller.
Simple to install
These provide the optimum solution for installers when considering
installing heating zones as there are no additional zone valves
required which makes installation a lot quicker and cleaner. With
existing TRV bodies already in place there is no need to drain
down the system and they will fit on most compact radiators.
They are easily bound into the system using the guided
configuration feature in the evohome controller; binding
confirmation is displayed on the screen. Controllers are available
either individually or as a pack of 4.
Smartphone or tablet app
The smartphone or tablet app that enables remote control of the
evohome system will be available for download from the iTunes
Store and the Google Play store.
evohome controls
Wireless room thermostat
Where there is a requirement to use a wireless
room thermostat as a temperature sensor,
Honeywell’s DT92 wireless room thermostat
can be included into the evohome system.
Easy to set up with two way wireless
communication (30m range)
and a signal strength indicator. Simple to
operate with up and down button individual
zone temperature override.
5 to 35°C set point range offers a wide range
of comfort levels. Can be wall mounted or free
standing to ensure best possible positioning.
Wireless cylinder thermostat
Control domestic hot water via the evohome
controller screen by installing an externallymounted wireless cylinder thermostat onto the
hot water cylinder; Sensors are provided for
vented and unvented cylinders.
Honeywell’s externally-mounted wireless
cylinder thermostat is a combination of a
temperature sensor that is mounted against
the metal of the hot water cylinder and a
wireless transceiver that communicates water
temperature to the evotouch controller.
The transceiver unit is battery powered.
Wireless relay box
The remote relay box is wired into either a
motorised zone valve or the boiler and
provides the wireless interface between these
devices and the evohome system. The relay
box requires a permanent 230V~ supply.
Remote access gateway
To enable the evohome system to be
controlled remotely by either a wifi-enabled
tablet or smartphone, a remote access
gateway needs to be connected to the internet
network within the property.
LED lights are provided on the gateway for
feedback during binding and operation. This is
achieved by connecting the supplied ethernet
cable into the remote access gateway and a spare
ethernet port on the home broadband router.
The remote access gateway is powered by a
supplied 13 amp power supply and there is
one button binding of the gateway to the
evohome system via the evohome controller.
Once bound, the homeowner is then able to
visit the total connect website to register their
evohome system, uniquely identify their
evohome remote access gateway (MAC ID &
CRC code) and receive instructions on how to
download the smartphone or tablet app that
suits their Apple or Android system.
Under floor heating controller
By controlling the hydronic under floor heating
via the Honeywell under floor heating controller,
the time and temperature of the under floor
heating can be achieved via the evohome
controller screen.
The under floor heating controller provides
for up to 5 zones of under floor heating and
the optional extension controls a further
3 zones. It operates on the same 868 MHz
frequency as the rest of the evohome
components and has an internal antenna.
evohome technical data
Technical Data – evohome Controller
Technical Data – Wireless Cylinder Thermostat
Input voltage
230VAC ± 10%
Power supply
Two AA size, 1.5V alkaline batteries
Battery type (supplied)
Rechargeable Type AA 1.2V NiMH 20002400mAh
Setting Range
SPD30°C to 85°C
Cable Length
1.5m between cylinder thermostat
and transceiver
RF Communication
RF operation band
ISM (868.0 – 870.0) MHz, RX class 2
1% Duty Cycle
RF communication range
30m in a residential building environment
Environmental and Standards
Operating temperature
O to 40°C
Storage temperature
-20 to +50°C
IP Protection Class
10 to 90% relative humidity
non condensing
RF Communication
RF operation band
ISM (868.0 – 870.0) MHz, RX class 2
1% Duty Cycle
RF communication range
30m in a building environment
Technical data – Wireless Relay Box
Input voltage
230VAC ± 10%
Switch Rating
24V~240V~50Hz, 5A resistive,
3A inductive
Switch Type
SPDT relay
(WxHxD): 139 x 101 x 21mm
Technical Data – Radiator Controllers
Electrical – Power module
Power Supply
(Battery) 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Setting Range
5ºC – 30ºC
10 to 90% relative humidity
non condensing
RF Communication
RF operation band
ISM (868.0 – 870.0) MHz, RX class 2
1% Duty Cycle
RF communication range
30m in a residential building environment
Environmental and Standards
RF Communication
RF operation band
ISM (868.0 – 870.0) MHz, RX class 2
1% Duty Cycle
RF communication range
30m in a residential building environment
Environmental and Standards
0 to 90%
lDIN ENISO9001/14001, CE,
EN60730-1 (2001), EN55014-2(1996),
IP Ratings
(WxHxD): 92 x 90 x 31.6mm
Operating temperature
0 to 50°C
Protection Class
Technical Data – Remote Access Gateway
CE marked
The radiator controller fits on the most
common radiator valves of the type
M30x1.5. Other adaptors are available
Input voltage
230VAC *10%
RF operation band
ISM (868.0 – 870.0) MHz, RX class 2
1% Duty Cycle
RF communication range
30m in a residential building environment
Environmental and Standards
Operating temperature
0 to 48°C
5 to 90% relative humidity non condensing
IP Protection Class
(HxWxD): 100 x 175 x 38mm
how you can buy evohome
evohome is available from any good supplier of plumbing and
heating products. It comes in a number of different packs
dependent on what sort of job you need to do.
Ordering Specification
Order Code
evohome Base Pack:
1 x evohome controller with white fascia,
power lead and table stand, Wireless
Relay box plus 2 x Front Covers Silver
& Black
evohome Hot Water Kit:
Wireless cylinder thermostat; transceiver;
vented and unvented cylinder insertion
sensor and a Wireless Relay box for
control of the hot water zone valve
The evohome Radiator Multi Zone Kit
4 wireless thermostatic radiator controller
The Hot Water kit consisting of a wireless cylinder thermostat,
transceiver, optional unvented cylinder insertion sensor and an
additional wireless relay box for control of the hot water zone valve.
evohome Mobile Access Kit
1 x Remote Access Gateway
and power lead
1 x evohome Radiator Controller
„„Wireless room thermostats are also available
Wireless Cylinder Thermostat, Transceiver,
vented and unvented sensor
Wireless Relay Box
Wireless Room Thermostat
1 x evohome controller
The evohome Base Pack consists of an evohome controller,
power lead and stand plus a wireless relay box. A zoning pack is
available so that you can create additional heating zones and a
Remote Access gateway to provide remote control of the heating
is available separately.
The evohome radiator multi-zone kit provides 4 wireless radiator
controller heads allowing you to create up to 5 zones – one head
per zone plus the evohome controller as a temperature sensing
device in a zone. Individual radiator controllers are also available.
„„Wireless under floor heating controls and an extension
module are available
„„Single additional radiator controllers are available as are
additional wireless relay boxes. Replacement evohome
controllers can be purchased
„„Extra covers, a replacement table mount and a wall mounting
kit are also available
From this list of options you can see that you can build up a
sophisticated zoning control system that will suit most properties.
evohome desk stand
evohome wall mounting pack
evohome optional front covers
Underfloor Heating Controller
Adaptor to fit Danfoss valve body
Adaptor to fit Oventrop valve body
Adaptor to fit Herz valve body
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