Axis partner solution note
Out-of-the-box ready video management
and access control.
Axis and Genetec simplify integrated security for small
and mid-size customers.
In an industry that has traditionally offered proprietary end-to-end access
control systems, Genetec and Axis bring you an offering with an open
approach to access control. You no longer have to settle for proprietary
software and hardware while you move to a solution that has been
designed to leverage your network. Add high quality Axis network
cameras and achieve greater security with unified access control and
video management.
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is an independent
unit that can be installed at each door, completed with
third-party door accessories such as sensors, door locks
and readers.
With Genetec’s SV-32 all-in one security appliance
powered by Synergis IP access control software, you
can network and manage all Axis controllers from a
single application. Axis access control events are monitored and logged in real-time by Synergis, allowing you
to review historical access activity at any time. There is
no need for dedicated servers as the SV- 32 has full
capacity to manage all decisions required to allow access, store relevant video and transmit alerts to appropriate staff if something goes wrong.
Full freedom to expand and change:
ments, we deliver optimized features and performance
for both access control and video surveillance. And unlike the complexity of traditional solutions, packaging a
user-friendly system that’s convenient and easy to install and manage - independent of security industry
experience. The solution includes native cardholder
management, badge design, visitor management and
customizable reporting.
Secure your organization with a futureproof solution – You can secure your people and
assets and avoid the traditional approach of closed access control systems. Genetec and Axis do not lock you
into a closed solution, ensuring that you do not suffer
from the long term costs when proprietary components
reach end of life.
Up and running in less time – With Synergis
Unify your access control and video security
operations – Combine your AXIS A1001 Network
embedded on Genetec’s SV-32 network security appliance, you can power up the device and start discovering
and enrolling your Axis door controllers already connected to your network. This means you can start securing your organization in less time.
Door Controller and IP cameras with Genetec’s access
control and video surveillance systems, and deploy a
truly unified platform that enhances your security
operations and allows you to validate access control
events and alarms with associated video.
Best of both worlds – Traditionally, integration be-
Lower your installation costs with PoE to
the door – AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is
tween video and access control has been a process full
of compromises where the enablement of one feature
reduces the performance of another. Using our combined extensive experience with customer require-
Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled, allowing you to
leverage the benefits of reduced cabling.
> Unified video
surveillance and
access control
> Rich features that address basic and
advanced security
unification with
video management,
IP cameras and
> Securing your
organization in
less time
Why network
video and access
> HDTV quality video verification of access control
> Remote accessibility
Unified Genetec Interface
> Easy, future-proof
> Scalability and flexibility
> Distributed intelligence
> Proven technology
Why Axis?
> Worldwide #1 in network
video, the world’s leading
Genetec SV-32 Security Appliance
with Genetec Synergis IP
Access Control Software
...and more
Synergis IP Access Control Solution with Axis network cameras and AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller overview
Manages all AXIS A1001 controllers over any IP
> Native IP controller
> Connects to Synergis software over any IP network
> Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled
> 1-2 doors per controller (2 readers)
>Live Access Control Software monitoring and alarm management
> 6 inputs and 3 outputs
>Cardholder and access rights management
> Stores up to 30,000 offline events
>Badge design, printing, and issuance
> UL 294 recognized
>Full array of activity and maintenance reports
> Plennum-rated, designed for wall or ceiling mounts
>Unified with Genetec Video Management systems
> The largest installed base
of network video products
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller
Core Capabilities
Advanced Capabilities
> Broadest product portfolio
in the industry
> Over 30 years of
networking excellence
Features and Technical specifications
Synergis IP Access Control Solution Embedded within Genetec’s SV-32 Security Appliance
> Proven installations across
all continents
> Supports up to 15,000 credentials
> Dimensions: 45.5 x 180 x 180 mm
(1.8 x 7.1 x 7.1 in)
>Threat Level management and area tracking
>Multi-site and global cardholder management
>Centralized monitoring across multiple sites
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Why Genetec?
> Market leader in unified IP physical security:
video surveillance, access
control and LPR
> Open architecture VMS
with seamless integration
to Axis cameras and
access control
> Solutions sold into
government, retail,
transportation, education,
city-wide surveillance
> 15+ year history and
market leader in 80+
Axis network camera
and AXIS A1001
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