The quick and easy way to create custom products inside SOLIDWORKS®
Are your products the SAME but DIFFERENT?
DriveWorks Solo is the easy-to-use design automation solution
that allows design engineers and product designers to quickly
and easily create and configure custom products inside
SOLIDWORKS. With DriveWorks Solo you can reduce the cost
of custom designs, respond quickly to sales enquiries, reduce
repetitive tasks, and enhance product quality.
Create new product
designs and sales
quotes quickly using
DriveWorks Solo
From one simple input form, DriveWorks Solo can quickly
generate 3D models, 2D drawings, Bills of Materials, sales
quotes, cover letters and more, automatically.
Capture and re-use your design knowledge
Incorporate design rules to reduce errors and
rework, and improve product quality
Automate repetitive tasks to reduce design time
Free design engineers to focus on improving
product quality and designing new products
Create sales proposals quickly, win more
business, and increase profit margins
Design automation and knowledge capture
Every design follows rules, based on experience, company
standards, materials used, or manufacturing capabilities.
SOLIDWORKS lets you capture some of these rules by adding
geometric relationships, equations, configurations, and design
tables – or a combination of all of them. Many of these
techniques only work well if you know in advance what your
customer will ask for and all the possible permutations.
DriveWorks Solo uses a different approach. With simple and
straightforward rules and decision logic, you can easily capture
and reuse all of your design, manufacturing, and cost
estimation knowledge, and generate new variations of your
designs with proposal documents, over and over again.
Set up ONCE and RUN again and again
A DriveWorks Solo design automation project is easy to set up,
easy to manage, and easy to use. By following these four easy
steps, you can set up and then run a project as many times as
you like, fill out the form with your customer’s specifications,
and quickly generate multiple new versions of your designs
along with any manufacturing or sales documentation.
Capture the
dimensions, features
and components
you want to drive in
Build dynamic
forms with custom
graphics to drive your design automation
Create dynamic,
data-driven forms
to input the values
that drive your design
All DriveWorks products are scalable – any design automation
projects you create using DriveWorksXpress can be seamlessly
migrated to DriveWorks Solo or DriveWorks Pro, so you can
add extra capabilities to your design automation projects as
and when you need them.
DriveWorks Pro
With DriveWorks Pro you
can extend the benefits of
design automation to
your engineers, sales
teams, and other
technical users inside
your business, or globally
through your company
website as an online sales configurator, so that sales teams,
distributors, dealers and customers can configure and order
customized products anytime, anywhere, on any device.
DriveWorks Solo
Build design rules to
drive your models
using the values
entered on the form
You can see and try DriveWorks Pro as an online product
configurator at or contact your
local DriveWorks reseller.
Run the project as
many times as you
like to create custom
manufacturing and
sales deliverables
FREE 30 day trial of DriveWorks Solo
You can download and try DriveWorks Solo FREE for 30 days at Free online training, getting started
webinars, how-to videos and more are available in the
DriveWorks Community to help get you up and running quickly.
Since 2001, DriveWorks has helped thousands of companies of all sizes, in all industries, realize significant cost
savings and process improvements, and transform the way they do business. Our design automation and
sales configurator solutions are sold and supported worldwide by best-in-class value added resellers.
Visit to find your local DriveWorks reseller.
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