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our company takes pride in formulating the right chemistry for your customers.
Your professional reputation lies in getting the chemicals to work as they were
The ZDS Fill Stations offer the highest level of flexibility and control for meeting
a variety of customer requirements in places such as: Hospitality, Institutional
Facilities, Restaurants, Supermarkets, and other environments.
designed. At Zep we understand that the dispensing equipment you use in your
chemical program can mean the difference between success and failure. Thatʼs why we
have developed a series of chemical proportioners, called the ZDS, to dispense your
cleaning concentrates at the right dilutions – every time.
Chemical accounts are not all the same. When it comes to serving the chemical dis-
pensing needs of your customers, you need more than a “one size fits all”
solution. With the ZDS Series, you have unlimited options.
ZDS Filling Stations, ZDS Complete, and ZDS Product Storage
Centers and Racks are easy to customize, easy to install, easy
to use, and easy to maintain. Using the ZDS System saves
time and money.
Four-Product Dial 4
Bucket Fill Station
Bottle Fill Station
5 Product Station
with Dial4 Bottle Fill
and Bucket Fill
Bottles fit securely and snugly over the preformed fill tube so you can fill your dispenser with ONE HAND like a self serve
beverage machine!
The ZDS Series will impress your cus-
tomers, “wow” your equipment installers, and might just
Four different models make up the ZDS Series: single-product bottle fill,
single-product bucket fill, 4-product Dial 4 bottle fill, and 4-product Dial 4 bucket fill. But you only need to stock 2 models and a few extra parts to create any
system configuration. The ZDS Station and its parts are modular so your
installers can snap them on or take them off as needed. As a result, itʼs easy to
daisy-chain an unlimited combination of dispensers together. No tools or PTFE
tape are required.
• One-Hand Bottle Fill
• One-Hand Bucket Fill
• Durable, Lightweight Plastic Cover
• 16 Different Dilution Rates
• Modular Components
• Intuitive Design
make you the company hero.
The modular ZDS design saves precious inventory dollars by
reducing the number of stock items needed to operate your
business. Using only a limited number of parts, the ZDS System
can be adapted for different applications.
Male and Female
Connectors Twist
and Lock Together
Dial 4 Threads
onto Flex-Gap™
Switch out the
Bottle Fill Actuator for
this Easy Touch Button to
change from Bottle to
Bucket Fill. (For ZDS
Fill Station only.)
Bottle Fill Actuator
Snaps On
Pre-formed Fill
Tube Slides On
One-Hand Bottle Fill
16 Different Dilution Rates
Remote Bucket Fill Pistol Grip
Large Labeling Surface
Durable Rolled Steel Cover
Minimal Installation Time
with Powder-Coated Finish
4-Product ZDS Complete
Station with Dial 4 Bucket Fill
1-Product ZDS Complete
Station with Singl-Product
Bottle Fill
The ZDS Complete Fill Station is ready for installation right out of the box. All you do is mount the dispenser
on the wall and hook up the chemical and water lines. Itʼs just that simple.
The ZDS comes in four models: single-product bottle fill, single-product bucket fill, 5-product with Dial 4 bottle fill
and bucket fill, and 8-product with Dial 4 bottle and Dial 4 bucket fill. Valves and parts making up the ZDS are protected by a durable rolled steel cover with a powder-coated finish, perfect for hostile environments such as restaurant
kitchens. The cover has a large surface area for custom labeling .
Installing ZDS Product Storage Centers and Racks show your customers you take pride in each installation and value their business. The
locking centers and racks provide secure storage for product concentrate bottles. They prevent product tampering and pilferage while keeping chemical products out of the way.
Wire Rack System with Rack
Top for ZDS and ZDS
Complete Fill Stations.
ZDS Technology Works with Closed-Loop
Self-Venting Bottle Cap Systems!
Closed-loop chemical containment system eliminates drips, leaks and
mess. And now Zep has partnered with
RD Industries to provide this safe and
convenient optional packaging solution to
our customers.
High hazard, A.S.S.E. listed FlexGap™ and Aire-Gap™ backflow preventors protect against cross-contamination of water supply
and deter product foaming.
5-Product ZDS Complete
Station with Dial 4 Bottle Fill
and Bucket Fill
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