Instructions and Annual Workload Form

Go to . Log in to Faculty180 using your
Henderson Network User Name and Password. It will always use your current Henderson
Network Password.
This will take you to the Home Screen. Look under Messages and click
Complete Workload Form for the appropriate year.
3. On the Workload Form, check to make sure your classes for each semester were uploaded
correctly. There should be classes listed for every semester you taught. If a course listed in the
schedule was not taught, check the box under “Course Not Taught” next to the course.
If two courses are taught at the same time (for instance, a course cross-listed as undergraduate
and graduate), you should check the boxes under “Group Courses” for all courses taught at that
time and click the “Group” button at the bottom. Do this once for each set of cross-listed
4. In Section E under Teaching, there is an opportunity to add attachments and documentation.
SOME DEPARTMENT CHAIRS MAY REQUIRE some or all of these attachments, so be sure
to check with your department chair. To include attachments click the ADD button next to the
appropriate course. The following dialog box will appear:
Click the Browse button to find the appropriate file on your computer. Select Type (Syllabus,
Course Evaluation, Peer Evaluation, or Other). Click Upload. *Currently the best way to save
copies of online course evaluations is to copy and paste the evaluations into Microsoft Word*
5. Enter the approximate number of advisees for the previous year under “Advising Load.”
Indicate any “Reassigned Duties” that would reduce your teaching load (i.e., department chair).
Indicate your “Goals” for the upcoming year. (This may or may not be required by the
department chair.)
by 1E above and will be phased out.
6. For the rest of the form, make sure that each field is complete for the previous calendar year.
If you have been adding information throughout the year, it should appear already. On some
fields, a blue hyperlink may appear allowing you to “copy ongoing activities” from previous
If you have questions about how to enter information and what types of information go into
which category, you might want to consult the Workload Form Examples.
7. Double check to make sure you have completed all categories and attached all documents.
Scroll to the bottom of the form and click “Submit Completed Workload For Review.” If you
would like to return to finish the form later, click “Save and Return.”
8. When you are through with your Faculty 180 Session, make sure you have saved the form you
are working on and then click the LOGOUT button at the top right.
Download PDF