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This output stage combines enormous power with
extreme broad-band characteristics for superb
performance and speed. Equipped with High-End
mica capacitors, ACT silver circuit boards, precision
resistors and carefully optimised toroidal
transformers, this amplifier can boast with the very
finest components available, as well as the new
technology mentioned earlier. Added
to these advantages are non-magnetic circuit boards,
and non-magnetic materials for all connections and
contacts, completely eliminating the disturbing
distortion which is caused by ferro-magnetic nonlinearity effects.
The ICA technology (Isolated Current Amplifiers)
developed by T+A de-couples the input stages of the
power amplifier from the current amplifier stages,
and this design feature has also been further
improved. The circuit features transistors for the
driver and output stages, with reduced gate
capacitance and higher limit frequencies, giving the
output stages an even greater bandwidth and higher
speed. An important result of this technology is that
the sound characteristics of our output stages and
integrated amplifiers are independent of the selected
volume level and the load represented by the
loudspeakers connected to them. It is no coincidence
that many owners of impedance-critical and phasecritical loudspeakers use our amplifiers, since they
possess enormous reserves of power - as well as
simply sounding better under all conditions.
Stereo operation
Nominal output into 8 Ohm
Peak output into 8 Ohm
Peak output into 4 Ohm
both channels simultaneously into 4 Ohm
Bridge mono operation
Nominal output into 8 Ohm
Nominal output into 4 Ohm
Peak output into 8 Ohm
Peak output into 4 Ohm
Power bandwidth
Frequency response +0 –3 dB
Slew rate Stereo
Damping factor
Signal / noise ratio
Total harmonic distortion
170 Watt
185 Watt
340 Watt
280 Watt
500 Watt
600 Watt
700 Watt
900 Watt
1 Hz – 300 kHz
0,5 Hz – 350 kHz
60 V / µs
120 V / µs
> 500
> 114 dB
< 0,001 %
XLR, Cinch
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Reservoir capacity
120000 µF
Mains socket 110 V or 230 V, 50 Hz
650 VA
Dimensions (H x W x D)
15 x 44 x 39 cm
silver aluminium, black
Remote control
via R-System
17,5 kg
We reserve the right to alter technical
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