6115 Perfect pizzas and a healthier bottom line

Perfect pizzas and a healthier bottom line
Great for use in food service operations to build
consistent products and help control costs,
thereby maximizing customer satisfaction and
 Innovative “Touchless” Zero Mechanism
Just wave or place your hand over the display
to zero the scale.
 Pan / Tray Stops
Keeps product in center of scale.
 Full Capacity Zero
Weigh each ingredient as it is added.
Perfect pizza and a healthier bottom line
The Model 6115 is perfect for use in pizza
parlors, sandwich and salad shops, bakeries,
supermarkets - anywhere portion control is
required to maintain product quality and save
on ingredient costs. The innovative “touchless”
zero mechanism increases throughput,
greatly extends the life of the scale and
significantly enhances food handling safety.
Features & Benefits
 Capacity/Resolution
 Innovative “Touchless” Zero Mechanism
Factory Set As: 240 oz x 0.1 oz
Just wave or place your hand over the display to
zero the scale. This feature significantly improves
hygiene, while eliminating the physical wear and
tear on a normal button switch mechanism.
 Optional Capacities/Resolutions
Pounds: 15 lb x 0.005 lb; 25 lb x 0.01 lb
Ounces: 400 oz x 0.25 oz
Grams: 6000 g x 2 g; 10000 g x 5 g
 Easy to Read Angled six digit LCD display
with large 0.5” (12 mm) characters.
 Dimensions
Weigh platter dimensions: 13” x 13” (330 mm x 330 mm)
Base dimensions: 13.4” x 13.4” (340 mm x 340 mm)
Adjustable height: 2.5” – 3” (64 mm – 76 mm)
Remote display enclosure:
5.8” (W) x 3.0” (H) x 1.4” (D max)
(147 mm x 75 mm x 36 mm)
 Easy to Use User friendly interface keeps
operation simple and reduces training time.
 Easy to Clean Removable stainless steel
platter, detachable display and bracket.
 Accurate Weigh anywhere on the
 Power
platter – even in all four corners.
 Full Capacity Zero Weigh each ingredient as it is added.
 Superior Durability / Quality Construction Stainless
steel weighing area with welded corners and full
skirt around perimeter of the base. Heavy-duty load
cell and load stop mechanism ensures long life.
120 VAC (+10%, -15%) 60Hz (+/- 3Hz). Internally mounted
adapter. Standard 3 wire with ground input.
 Output
15 VDC @ 0.3 Amps minimum
10% – 90% RH, (non-condensing)
 Operating Environment
 Low Profile Only 2.5” (64 mm) tall. Perfect for
41º F – 104º F (5º C – 40º C)
10% – 90% RH, (non-condensing)
use on top or recessed into prep table.
 Unique Design Three legged stool design
 Agency Approvals
keeps scale stable on any surface.
UL Listed, CSA Certified Power Supply
NSF Approved
NOT Legal for Trade
 Power Supply Internally mounted with
standard wall plug. No large wall adapter to
plug in or take up two receptacle spaces.
 See separate sheet for standard configurations
 Internally Configurable Units of Measure
Decimal pounds, ounces, or grams.
 I/O Port RS-232 serial output for interface to
software programs, enabling inventory control.
 Options Several display location options (below),
footswitch, standard zero button. See separate options
sheet for details.
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