Philips OLED mirror

OLED LivingShapes
interactive mirror
Philips OLED LivingShapes Interactive Mirror
75 x 75 x 4.8cm (29.53 x 29.53 x 1.89in)
(width x height x thickness)
OLEDs used: 64
interactive mirror
Weight: ~20 kg
OLEDs emit light in the on-state and appear as mirrors in the
off-state. Exploiting these characteristics to full effect, Philips
LivingShapes interactive mirror is an illuminated panel of light
made up of dozens of Lumiblade OLEDs.
Using infrared sensors, some OLEDs switch off
100V – 240V, AC, 50/60Hz, max. 60W, max. 0.6A
Electrical interface:
Plug connectors CEE 7/7 (type EF) / NEMA 5-15
(type B) or hardwiring to mains supply
4 screws/wall plug
in light. Set to its other modes the OLEDs light
constantly or illuminate only the left and right
columns. Philips LivingShapes interactive mirror
is more than just a mirror. It is a light installation
that positively captivates the beholder with the
beautiful, natural light from OLEDs. It is a mirror
Lit area dimensions: 42 x 44.2cm (16.5 x 17.4in)
Color temperature: ~3,000 K
Typical luminance per OLED: ~1,500 cd/m²
Lumen output all OLEDs on: 400 lm
Lumen output frame mode: 270 lm
either, as Philips LivingShapes interactive mirror
also comes into its own in the hallway or next to
the cloakroom.
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Lumen output pillar mode: 160 lm