Milliohm Meter, Function Generator
MO-2013, high precision milliohm meter
● 4 terminal devices for accurate measurement of very low resistance.
● Ideal for measuring the resistance of components precisely.
● Ideal for testing protective conductors, lightning conductors & welded points.
● High/Good/Low set-function for input quality control.
● Build in buzzer sound (GOOD STATUS) to assist the Q.C. judgment.
● Especial "CALCULATE" function to measure cable/wire length.
● Wide measuring range, 0.01 m ohm - 20K ohm, 7 ranges.
● RS232/USB computer interface.
● 26.7 mm large size and back-light LCD display, easy read-out.
● LSI circuit provides high accuracy, reliability and durability.
● Built-in over input protection.
● Durable bench type housing plastic case stand.
Test Range (Test Current)
Warning Setup
Operating Temp.
Operating Humidity
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Fuse for Power Supply
Data Output
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
20 m ohm (1A DC), 200m ohm (1A DC), 2 ohm (100mA DC),
20 ohm (10mA DC), 200 ohm (1mA DC), 2K ohm (100uA DC), 20K ohm (10uA DC)
* Warning LED Indicator * Buzzer
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Less than 80 % R.H.
AC 110V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz or AC 230V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz.
AC 110V: Approx. 33 mA, AC 230V: Approx. 15 mA
* 500 mA/250 V * Size: 5 X 20 mm dia.
RS 232/USB PC serial interface. *Connect the optional RS232 cable UPCB-02 will
get the RS232 plug. *Connect the optional USB cable USB-01 will get the USB plug.
280 x 210 x 90 mm (11.0 x 8.3 x 3.5 inch)
Approx. 2.04 Kg (4.49 LB).
* Power cord: 1 PC. * Instruction manual: 1 PC. * 4 wire with 2 Kelvin clips: 1 pair
*RS232 cable, UPCB-02 * USB cable, USB-01 * Data Acquisition software, SW-U801-WIN
FG-2003, Function Generator
● The FG-2003 is a deluxe function generator combined with a 5 digit, high
resolution 60 MHz counter. ● The FG-2003 is a deluxe function generator
combined with a 5 digit, high resolution 60 MHz counter. ● Function
Generator: 6 waveforms selected by rotary witch instead of push button, to
prevent miss-touch or bad connection. Maximum output 20Vp-p(No-load),
and Minimum output 0.1Vp-p (No-load). ● Pulse Generator: FG-2003
provides positive pulse and negative pulse output, Maximum output 20Vp-p
(No-load). Frequency is displayed by LEDs, pulse width is from 0.4sec to
100ns. This will meet most of your audio, Video and other basic electronic
application requirements. ● Sweep Generator: FG-2003 provides linear
sweep or log sweep selection switch to select the sweep mode. Maximum sweep width is 1:100 and sweep speed is
from 5sec to 10ms. The FG-2003 also provides VCF input and synchronous Output Function. ● The FG-2003 has a 5 digit
micro controlled counter. FG-2003 features include auto ranging, auto gate time, high resolution 0.001Hz, high input
impedance 1MΩ, and high bandwidth 0.2Hz~60MHz. FG-2003 also provides triggering features such as an adjustable
trigger ±2.5V with LED indicator, AC/DC selector, 100KHz filter, and input attenuator input x 20 for 300Vrms high voltage
signal. The unit will also display the frequency of the signal produced by the function generator.
0.5 Hz ~ 3 MHz with 5 digit LED display, Max. resolution 0.001 Hz in 6 steps.
Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Positive Pulse and Negative Pulse; 6 waveforms total.
0.1 % ~ 15 minutes after power-on.
Max. Resolution
Display Unit
5 digits 0.36" red LED.
0.001 Hz.
Hz / KHz Automatically controlled by CPU.
Limits of Operation
Storage Environment
Power Consumption
Power Source
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Common Specification
0 ~ 40 °C, 10 ~ 80 %R.H.
-20 ~ 70 °C, 0 ~ 90 %R.H.
AC 115 V (±10%) 50/60 Hz, FUSE:600 mA, AC 230 V (±10%) 50/60 Hz, FUSE:300 mA
DC 12 V / 100 mA Fan.
275 x 90 x 300 mm.
2.5 Kg / 5.5 LB.
* Power cord: 1 PC. * operation manual: 1 PC.
AT-20: Telescoping RF pick-up antenna with BNC connector.
PB-21: Direct cable with BNC connector & alligator clip pairs.
(Be used only for the measuring frequency ≥ 500 MHz)
BB-22: Direct cable with double BNC connector.
NN-23: Direct cable with double N coaxial connector.
NB-24: BNC to N coaxial connector adapter.