Lab Safety 92795 Submersible Sump Pump

Standard Operational Guideline
Lab Safety 92795 Submersible Sump Pump
To provide safe operating instructions for submersible sump pumps.
The submersible sump pump is a utility pump engineered for water removal in
temporary applications. Primarily to remove water from the Decon pool to containers
appropriate for the suspected hazardous material.
Operation of equipment
• Connect a standard 5/8’’ garden hose to the threaded discharge (water out)
located on the top of the pump. To obtain optimum performance do not
exceed 25’feet of garden hose.
• Check hose for kinks or obstructions.
• Move away from area to be pumped and while standing on dry ground
plug pump into a grounded outlet.
• If pump hums-it works
• If there is little or no water movement check for an air lock (tip pump on
side and submerse) or something is clogging unit (tip upside down to eject
foreign object).
• Never place unit in water or remove from water while unit is plugged in.
• Unplug unit when water is drained to 1/8”.
• This unit cannot be used as a continuous duty sump pump or fountain
• This pump has built in thermal overload protection and will automatically
shut off when it senses it could reach an overheat level. It will reset once
cooled down (either naturally or unplug and submerge in a 5+ gallon
bucket of cold water).This is not pump failure or a manufacturing defect.
Cleaning of equipment
• After use allow to cool before cleaning.
• Submerge unit in 5+ gallon bucket filled with appropriate cleaner for
hazardous material involved. Water temperature not to exceed 104 F
• Flush all hoses used with appropriate liquid cleaner or replace.
• Allow to air dry prior to returning to storage.
Storage of equipment
• Unit should be stored in a dry clean environment
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Preventative maintenance for equipment
• Unit requires no preventive maintenance.
• Pump failure due to mud, tar, cement, wood chips, corrosive material
damage require sump pump replacement.
Inspection and record keeping
• Unit should be inspected yearly and prior to each use for damage- cracks
or breaks in cover, frayed or damaged power cords.
• Damaged pumps will not be used due to potential for electric shock.
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Inspection and record keeping Submersible Sump Pump
Inspect power
Inspect for
cord for damage
damage – cracks
of breaks in cover
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