Rockwell Automation Remote I/O to
Modbus Master/Slave Gateway
The ProLinx Rockwell Automation Remote I/O Adapter to Modbus
Master/Slave Gateway creates a powerful connection between
devices on a Remote I/O network and Modbus devices. This standalone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway provides one Remote I/O
port and up to four serial ports.
Rockwell Automation Remote I/O to
Modbus Master/Slave Gateway
The RIO-MCM modules are the ideal solution for the many
applications where Remote I/O connectivity can be used to integrate
Modbus devices into a system. The Remote I/O gateway is a
powerful module designed with both Client and Server support,
enabling easy connection to Rockwell Automation PLCs (CLX, SLC,
PLC, CPLX, and similar devices). In combination with the Modbus
device support, the module provides a very powerful interface to the
many Modbus devices which are in use in the industrial marketplace
today. Applications for the module are found in most industries,
especially Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Electrical Power and Food
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The RIO interface is an adapter (slave) which can be connected to a
scanner (master) that controls the data transfer. The module also
supports limited high speed data transfer via the Input and Output
The Modbus protocol driver supports Master and Slave
implementations of the protocol. All Modbus serial ports are
individually configurable, providing a very powerful and flexible host
or device interface solution.
Rockwell Automation Remote I/O
The RIO interface is an adapter (slave) and is connected to a
scanner (master) that controls the data transfer. For example, the
master/slave relationship can be accomplished using the RIO module
(adapter/slave unit) with a Rockwell Automation PLC5
(scanner/master unit). Ladder logic must be programmed into a PLC
to perform BTR/BTW commands to receive and transmit data
between the module and the PLC. The module also supports limited
high speed data transfer via the input and output images.
Software Configurable Parameters
Rack Number Addressing
Rack Size
Starting Group
Last Rack
Baud Rate
0 to 63
¼-rack, ½-rack, ¾-rack and full rack
Yes or No
57.6K, 115K, 230K
Functional Specifications
Supports block-transfers of data with scanner
Supports I/O data movement. Amount determined by rack size
BTW Command – up to 64 words
BTR Command – up to 63 words
Physical Connection
Remote I/O connector
Standard 3-screw termination connector
Modbus Master/Slave
The Modbus driver provides extensive support for both the Master
and the Slave implementations of the protocol. The serial port(s) on
the gateway can be individually configured to support the Modbus
protocol (Master or Slave, RTU or ASCII, Baud rate, etc.).
General Parameters – Modbus Protocol
Error Checking
Floating Point
Function Codes
Baud Rate: 110 to 115K baud
Stop Bits: 1 or 2
Data Size: 7 or 8 bits
Parity: None, Even, Odd
RTS Timing delays: 0 to 65535 ms
RTU mode (binary) with CRC-16
ASCII mode with LRC error checking
Floating point data movement supported,
including configurable support for Enron
1: Read Output Status
2: Read Input Status
3: Read Multiple Data Registers
4: Read Input Registers
5: Write Single Bit
6: Write Single Data Register
15: Write Multiple Bits
16: Write Multiple Data Register
Modbus Master
Command List
Polling of command list
Up to 100 command per master port, each
fully configurable for function, slave address,
register to/from addressing and word/bit
Configurable polling of command list,
including continuous and on change of data,
and dynamically user or automatic enabled.
Modbus Slave
Node address
1 to 247 – software selectable
General Specifications
The ProLinx Communication Modules provide connectivity for two or
more dissimilar network types. The modules, encased in sturdy
extruded aluminum, are stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol
gateways, providing communication between many of the most
widely used protocols in industrial automation today.
Hardware Specifications
Power Supply
Current Load
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
LED Indicators
24 VDC nominal
18 to 36 VDC allowed
Positive, Negative, GND Terminals
2.5 mm screwdriver blade
500 mA max@ 24 VDC
–20 to 50°C (–4 to 122°F)
–40 to 85°C (–40 to 185°F)
5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Standard: 5.20H x 2.07W x 4.52D in.
(13.2cmH x 5.25cmW x 11.48cmD)
Extended: 5.20H x 2.73W x 4.52D in.
(13.2cmH x 6.934cmW x 11.48cmD)
Power and Module Status
Application Status
Serial Port Activity LED
Serial Activity and Error LED Status
Configuration Serial Port
Ethernet Port (Ethernet
modules only)
Application Serial Ports
Serial Port Isolation
Shipped with Each Unit
DB-9M RS-232 only
No hardware handshaking
RJ45 Connector
Link and Activity LED indicators
RS-232 handshaking configurable
RS-422/485 screw termination included
2500V RMS port signal isolation per UL
3000V DC min. port to ground and port to
logic power isolation
Mini-DIN to DB-9M serial cables
4 ft RS-232 configuration cable
2.5mm screwdriver
CD (docs and Configuration utility)
RS-422/485 DB-9 to Screw Terminal
Adaptor (1 or 4, depending on ports)
ProSoft Configuration Builder
ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) provides a quick and easy way
to manage module configuration files customized to meet your
application needs. PCB is not only a powerful solution for new
configuration files, but also allows you to import information from
previously installed (known working) configurations to new projects.
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