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.p df brochure (Form# C61-0117-000-000)
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New T7350 Programmable Thermostat
Provide customer comfort, control energy costs
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Unparalleled Accuracy
• Microprocessor controls virtually
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It’s Easy
If you’re looking for ways to enhance the customer restaurant experience and improve
eliminate temperature deviation,
the efficiency of operations, Honeywell’s new T7350 thermostat is the easy choice. In
maintaining temperature to within
addition to providing world-class temperature and humidity control, the T7350 is the
1o F of setpoint.
simplest thermostat on the market to own, install, program and operate. It replaces all
• Intelligent Recovery automatically
selects the optimum time to begin
warm up or cool down, minimizing
energy use.
• An Intelligent Fan™ feature lets you
choose intermittent or continuous
fan operation during occupied time,
making it easy to regulate air exchange,
versions of the T7300 and older T7400 models.
Programmability Options
Enjoy “plug-and-play” functionality. Each
Give managers the flexibility of
Honeywell T7350 arrives pre-programmed
programming from the thermostat
based on McDonald’s installed equipment
keypad, their PDA (Personal Digital
and hours of operation. No need to make
Assistant) or their computer.
changes once the thermostat is installed.
You save time and, most importantly, energy.
ventilation and standby of grill.
Proven Energy Savings
The T7350 was designed to save
money. Its energy-efficient operation
will reduce heating and cooling
No Batteries/48-Hour Clock Backup
Make your restaurant “power outage–proof.”
Keypad Multi-Level Lockout
The T7350 never needs batteries and
1= Lockout all keys except Temporary
maintains the current day and time in
Occupied/Temporary Not Occupied/
thermostat memory for a minimum of
plus minus arrow keys/”I” button.
48 hours. In the event of a power outage
2= Lockout all keys except “I” button.
costs from 10 to 30%.
of more than 48 hours, you only need to
reset the date and time. It will not have to
With all these
be reprogrammed.
new features, the
T7350 actually
Automatic Daylight-Savings Changeover
costs less than
Save energy and hassle. With its 365-day
the thermostat
Calendar Scheduling feature, the T7350
it replaces.
gives your restaurant managers scheduling
flexibility and frees them from fall and spring
reprogramming — eliminating wasted
energy and unnecessary service calls.
System Flexibility
Simplify restaurant operations with one
thermostat that handles all standard HVAC
applications (including heat pumps) and
dehumidification control strategies.
Find out more
For more information on the Honeywell T7350 Programmable Thermostat,
contact Honeywell Customer Service at 1-800-575-4841.
For more information on all the T7350 thermostats:
1. Go to http://customer.honeywell.com.
2. Choose “Commercial Components” under the Buildings pull down menu.
3. Choose “Commercial Thermostats.”
4. Click on the T7350 Link under “Programmable Commercial Thermostats.”
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April 2006
Printed in U.S.A.
© 2006 Honeywell International Inc.
® 2006 McDonald’s Corporation
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