What do I need to keep my pet healthy? the leaflet

what do I need
my pet
healthy ?
Health & Wellness
Does my pet need Health
& Wellness Products?
Health & Wellness products for pets are
equivalent to home furnishings and tableware
for their owners! People tend to choose their
furnishings and tableware because of their
appearance but this is not a concern
shared by pets.
PetSafe® design products for pets that fulfil
a need, the process will involve not only
engineers and designers but also animal
behaviourists and veterinary surgeons.
Behaviourists and vets understand how
animals think and function so both are integral
to the process of producing products which will
enhance their quality of life.
We like to think that owners will find our
products attractive but our primary aim is to
ensure your pet’s quality of life is improved
when they use our Health & Wellness products.
“Health & Wellness products
improve your pets quality of life”
“Every pet needs to eat and drink”
Why should I use a Health & Wellness product?
Our Health & Wellness products are diverse but all fulfil roles in your
pet’s everyday routines. Every pet needs to eat and drink. Health &
Wellness products provide innovative alternatives which will enhance
your pet’s experience.
PetSafe Health & Wellness products include a range of timed, digital and
interactive pet feeders which promote your pets feeding experience. The
Drinkwell® range of pet fountains encourage pets to drink fresh drinking
water that’s so vital to their health.
“Health & Wellness
products provide
innovative alternatives
which will enhance
your pet’s experience”
Health & Wellness
Feeding systems
Feeding systems provide pets with regular small meals of either dry
biscuit or tinned food. This is how cats and smaller dogs would choose
to eat, little and often. Some pets with stomach problems benefit from
having their food in small regular portions. The timing of the delivery
of the meals can be predetermined, thus make feeding systems ideal
for dispensing medication at set times when the owner is not at home.
All of our Pet Feeders have dishwasher safe feeding trays for owner
convenience and hygiene.
Feeding systems should not be used to facilitate leaving pets
unattended for extended periods.
The 5 Meal Pet Feeder is a battery operated
rotary system. The circular five portion tray
has a cover with an opening over one of the
portions. The tray can be programmed to
rotate so that fresh portions of food can be
accessed at set times up to 5 times a day.
The 2 Meal Pet Feeder is a battery operated
‘lid lifting’ system. Each of the two trays has a
separate lid which can be programmed to
lift revealing food at a set time up to 48 hours
in advance.
SlimCat™ is an interactive ‘feed-ball’ that
helps maintain your cat’s optimum weight
and promotes activity. The ball is filled with a
measured quantity of cat biscuits or dry food
through a removable filler cap. There are a
number of holes through which the food will
fall when the ball is moved around the floor.
Health & Wellness
The number and size of the holes can be adjusted by rotating a
hemispherical shell which has off-set overlapping holes. Once hole
selection is made it can be set using the lock mechanism. Unlike
other feed-balls the SlimCat is designed to be light in weight which
particularly appeals to cats.
Preventing feline obesity and promoting activity help reduce the risks
of cats developing diabetes. Slow release of food ensures food is
available little and often which aids digestion. Play and activity are
rewarded which relieves boredom and problem behaviour. SlimCat is
without a doubt the most innovative cat feed-ball available.
Pet Fountains
Pet Fountains encourage pets to drink more. This is always of
particular benefit to cats, who can be fussy drinkers, but is also very
beneficial to dogs, particularly when they are unwell.
Cat’s drinking water should be as similar to a babbling brook as
possible. They prefer their food and water to be separated by half a
room because unlike dogs they never normally eat and drink at the
same time. If cats become unwell and moving between their food
and water is a problem then they can be moved closer together.
Drinkwell® Pet Fountains have charcoal
water filters which remove any chemical
smells or taints. The patented ‘free falling’
stream of water is particularly appealing and
encourages pets to drink.
The flow of the water can be simply adjusted
to suit individual pets and the submersible
water pumps are almost silent.
Health & Wellness
Hydration is important for all pets but it is
particularly important when they are unwell.
Maintaining hydration in pets with any degree
of chronic kidney disease is an important
goal. Pets with cystitis benefit from increased
water intake too.
“Feeding systems should
not be used to facilitate
leaving pets unattended for
extended periods”
Our Promise
PetSafe® is committed to improving your pet’s quality of life through
continued innovation in collaboration with animal professionals.
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Written and developed in conjunction with
David Chamberlain BVetMed. MRCVS,
Veterinary Consultant to PetSafe.
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