Dear Parents, Literature

Dear Parents,
This year we are fortunate to be using McDougal Littell’s 2008 Literature textbook as a resource
in language arts classrooms. Every middle school teacher has classroom sets of anthologies from
which to teach. As a result, students will not have to keep textbooks in their lockers and bring
them back and forth to class.
For home use, all students will be provided an online version of the textbook. Internet access is
necessary, and user names and passwords will be set up at school. Students log on at Step-by-step directions are on the back of this letter. Please keep this letter
in a convenient spot.
The online textbook includes many additional features such as interactive vocabulary games,
professional audio narrations of the selections, and audio summaries in four different languages.
(Only complete this section below if your family does not have Internet access.)
For families without Internet access, there are two other versions of the textbook available.
Quantities at schools are limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Every
effort will be made to provide you with your first choice. Please check your preference below.
This letter should be signed and returned to the language arts teacher only if you need one of the
options below.
Select ONE of the following:
ο DVD eEdition for PC or Mac (Students will need to insert the DVD each time they want to
use their textbook. The DVD eEdition has the same features as the Internet version. Students
will need to return the DVD at the end of the year. Replacement fines are $75.)
- OR ο Traditional Textbook (Students will need to return the textbook at the end of the year.
Replacement fines are $75.)
Our family does not have Internet access and would appreciate an alternative version of the
language arts textbook. We understand we are responsible for returning it at the end of the year.
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Student Name
McDougal Littell, Literature
2009/2010 Parent Letter
1. Go to
2. Click on Language Arts, Middle School, state, and “GO”
3. Select your textbook (McDougal Littell Literature)
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ONLINE TEXTBOOK
5. Sign in as a returning visitor with your user name and password
User name (last name_first name)
Example: edison_thomas
(If you cannot remember your password, click on the Password Hint prompt or
call the McDougal Littell Technology Hotline to reset it at 1-800-727-3009.)
McDougal Littell, Literature
2009/2010 Parent Letter
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