dLAN® 500
The Network Innovation
Fast Ethernet
1x LAN
Mini Design
Wi-Fi, wherever you want it.
dLAN® 500 WiFi technology combines the latest technology and unobtrusive design with the best Internet connection. As a Powerline adapter, the
dLAN® 500 WiFi uses internal power lines as a long cable, thereby bringing
the Internet to any room. The integrated wireless LAN also provides complete Internet coverage to every nook and cranny. Smartphones, tablets and
laptops have full-strength coverage right from the start without any problems. An additional terminal device can be connected at any time (such
as a Smart TV or game console) using the additional fast Ethernet connection. Intelligent WiFi Move Technology provides even more freedom: Now,
smartphones, tablets and laptops are automatically connected to the Internet – the best Wi-Fi reception in any room or floor automatically! And the
compact and unobtrusive design can be integrated into any residential interior without looking out of place. The dLAN® 500 WiFi from devolo brings
the future to your home.
dLAN® 500 WiFi
dLAN® 500 WiFi
Starter Kit
dLAN® 500 WiFi
Network Kit
Developed for
dLAN® Cockpit.
• Your home network from the power outlet. Unpack. Plug it in. Get started. The easy way to connect using your home‘s power lines. Turn any
power outlet into an Internet access point.
• The power outlet is the new Wi-Fi access point. And you decide where
you need it.
• WiFi Move Technology is the intelligent expansion of your existing Wi-Fi
network. This provides you the best Wi-Fi reception throughout your
home – and it happens completely automatically (at least two dLAN®
500 WiFi adapters required).
• Uninterrupted, full-strength Wi-Fi! Finally, maximum Wi-Fi reception.
• High-speed data transmission at powerline speeds of up to 500 Mbps
and a fast Ethernet connection for connecting an additional terminal
device (such as Smart TV, game console, etc.)
• Compact design for convenient placement throughout the home, at any
power outlet.
• The best Wi-Fi connection for smartphones, laptops and tablets
• Simple dLAN® home network surveillance via the dLAN® Cockpit App
• Continuous Internet performance for all Internet-compatible devices.
• Automatic phase shift: This is how the Internet gets to each room and
becomes your home network.
• Easily expand your network at any time and integrate additional devices
into your home network with an additional dLAN® adapter.
• Finally you can use everything: Use your printer and hard drives together.
Access your music, photos and data or stream HD videos in the highest
• The exclusive PowerSave technology from devolo provides minimum
energy consumption that is continuous, intelligent and entirely automatic.
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• Automatic encryption! Active protection from unauthorised access at the
touch of a button for WiFi (WPS) and dLAN® (AES). From the very start!
• Includes dLAN® Cockpit software for home network configuration on a
computer (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
• Compatible with all adapters of the 200/500 Mbps product series.
• Designed, tested and certified in Germany.
• 3-year manufacturer‘s warranty
Order numbers:
dLAN® 500 WiFi:
09076 (DE,AT), 09077 (FR), 09078 (UK), 09079 (BE,PL,CZ,SK),
09080 (NL,ES,PT), 09081 (CH), 09082 (EU)
dLAN® 500 WiFi Starter Kit:
09083 (DE,AT), 09084 (FR), 09085 (UK), 09086 (BE,PL,CZ,SK),
0987 (NL,ES,PT), 09088 (CH), 09089 (EU)
dLAN® 500 WiFi Network Kit:
09090 (DE,AT), 09091 (FR), 09092 (UK), 09093 (BE,PL,CZ,SK),
09094 (NL,ES,PT), 09095 (CH), 09096 (EU)
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