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NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA, April 23, 2008 — Demonstrating the riderfriendly performance and ease of installation of JBL Professional VERTEC® line
arrays, audio consultant Media Systems Design Group oversaw the design of the
sound reinforcement system at the new Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto,
California. The Gallo Center is a $40 million complex that includes two
performance spaces: the Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre (1,250 seats) and the Foster
Family Theatre (444 seats).
The Gallo Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization owned by Modesto
County designed to enrich the quality of life in California’s Central Valley by
providing an inspirational civic gathering place where regional, national and
international cultural activities illuminate, educate and entertain. The Gallo
Center celebrates the diversity of the Central Valley by offering an array of
affordable cultural opportunities designed to appeal, and be accessible, to all.
The Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre at
the new Gallo Center for the Arts
features a world-class audio
system anchored by JBL VERTEC
line arrays.
During the design process, the decision
was made to integrate a line array system
in a left-right configuration at the Mary
Stuart Rogers Theatre. “Until a few years
ago, performance halls didn’t always
invest a lot of money in fixed systems,”
said Timothy Hart, Principal, Media
Systems Design Group. “The venues
would typically rent equipment for
different events, but the growth in touring
circuits, combined with the desire to
provide rider-friendly systems, led to
many more venues installing larger,
permanent audio systems. It’s also a
revenue-generating stream for the venues,
because money isn’t being spent on a
rental system every time there’s a show.”
With these rider-friendly specifications in mind, Media Systems Design Group
recommended VERTEC line arrays for the Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre’s front-ofhouse system. “We looked at a number of different line arrays, and VERTEC has a
wide acceptance in the industry, which was a primary concern,” Hart said.
“Additionally, JBL’s in-house engineering support was very helpful in working
with us on the design to ensure the products and configurations were ideal for
the space.”
The audio system at the Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre includes a left-right
configuration of nine VERTEC VT4888 midsize line array elements per side, along
with two VT4882 midsize arrayable subwoofers per side. Crown I-Tech
amplifiers power the system. The Foster Family Theatre features a left-right
configuration of six JBL VRX932LA portable line arrays per side, with four stagemounted VRX918S portable line array subwoofers.
According to Henry Beaumont of PCD, Inc., the systems integrator on the
project, the easy setup and reliable performance of the VERTEC line arrays helped
overcome the short time frame within which the system needed to be installed.
“The rigging on the VERTEC line arrays is so well engineered that we were able
to set up the system and have it sounding great almost immediately,” he said.
“This project clearly demonstrates JBL’s ability to meet the demands of
performing artists, tour sound professionals and systems integrators alike.”
“The system at the Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre is a prominent example of
VERTEC’s continued emergence in the world’s most prestigious performing arts
venues,” said David Scheirman, Vice President of Tour Sound, JBL Professional.
“Media Systems Design Group and PCD, Inc. have collaborated to create an
aurally pristine listening environment that demonstrates the implementation of
world-class technology by an expert team of audio professionals.”
For more information on Media Systems Design Group, please visit or call 310-398-0281.
For more information on PCD, Inc., please call 707-546-3633.
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