APG PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer Specifications

PT-500 Submersible
Liquid Level Transmitter
1.0” Hex
25.4 mm
143 mm
177.8 mm
136 mm
Re-Usable cage fitting
Ideal for dirty liquids
1/2” NPTM
88.9 mm
29.21 mm
50.4 mm
1 1/2” tri-clover fitting
Ideal for sanitary
Nose cone fitting
Ideal for clean liquids
The PT-500 is a rugged submersible pressure transmitter designed for tank liquid level measurement, water and
wastewater applications, well depth measurement, and offshore water depth measurement.
Simple to install
High precision, solid state signal: 4-20 mA
Exclusive, removable and reusable cage
1/2” NPTM on cable end for use with conduit
Durable transducer face
Intrinsically safe for Class 1, Div 1/Zone 0 (4-20mA
Built-in lightning protection on every model
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The Only One In Its Class
Built-In Lightning Protection
Lightning strikes are always a threat
to exposed electrical infrastructure especially when it’s 40 feet underground.
That’s why we’ve included built-in
lightning protection as a standard
feature for every model (including
intrinsically safe version).
So forget about buying a $300 industrial
surge protector. It’s included.
Class 1, Divizion 1/Zone 0
The PT-500 is built to handle tough
applications - including hazardous
locations. It’s intinsically safe design means
it’s suitable for even the most explosive
Field Adjustable Zero
Even the best submersible pressure
transducers drift a little over time. Ours
stands apart from the others because
you can adjust the zero point in the field bringing it back within spec.
All it takes is a simple magnet (included).
It’s easy to do and means you won’t need
to have it recalibrated as often.
Re-Usable Cage
Need to protect your sensor? The cage is
the ideal solution. But it costs extra no
matter who you buy from. Ours can be
removed and reused when it’s finally time
to replace your sensor - saving you money.
Tight budgets can be challenging. Why not
save as much of it as you can.
Low Power Consumption
The Modbus and voltage output versions
use very little power and have a very fast
response time - ideal for battery-powered
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Impressively Thoughtful Design
At the end of the day, the PT-500 submersible pressure transducer is modeled after your needs.
An accurate, robust sensor was the priority, then we simply thought of you and took it a few
steps further!
Visit our website at www.apgsensors.com to learn more. Contact us at 435-753-7300 to discuss
your application and get a quote.
Tank Cloud Compatible
As stated, the PT-500’s low power consumption make
it ideal for remote monitoring applications - especially
when you’re relying on solar or battery power. The
Modbus version is compatible with our online remote
monitoring software, Tank Cloud.
View level readings online for free on our Tank Cloud
portal - levelandflow.com. You can even add in low cost
data logging and alarms. Tank Cloud means you can
keep an eye on your remote tanks and wells from your
office or your smartphone.
Contact us today to discuss how remote monitoring
with Tank Cloud can help you save time and money!
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The veratility and reliability of the PT-500 makes it a great multi-purpose level sensor. It exceeds at water and
hydrocarbon based liquids where the density of the liquid is consistent. Here are typical applications where you’ll
find our PT-500 submersible pressure transducer:
Lift Stations
Retainer Ponds
Well Level Monitoring
Process Tanks
Remote Level Monitoring
Chemical Tanks
Water Storage
Oil Storage
Featured Configuration: PT-500 + MND Modbus Display
Our Modbus version expands the compatibility of PT-500.
However, it also makes it compatible with our Tank Cloud
remote monitoring solution, and our various other Modbus
products - including our MND display.
The MND is a powerful display
that can be programmed as a
master, a slave, or a snooper.
When combined in master
mode with the PT-500
submersible pressure
transmitter it makes an
accurate and easy-touse “digital stick” level
measurement tool. This setup
is great for both a stationary
installation or a mobile
This is made possible, largely,
by the ability the MND has to
power another sensor with its
battery. The MND can both display the PT-500’s reading and provide it power.
The wiring is also flexible. We can integrate the two by wiring them together in the
factory, provide you with a connector on the display, or get you a wiring tee.
Contact us to learn more about using the MND and PT-500 together. We can
help you get both configured correctly and ordered together.
Refer to the MND datasheet for more information.
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PT-500 Specifications
• Accuracy (linearity, hysteresis, & repeatability): ≤ 0.50% of span (BFSL)
• 1 Year Stability: 0-20,000 PSIS
• Temp Compensation Range:
0º - 130ºF (-17º - 54ºC)
• Temp Effects on Zero & Span:
≤ 0.025% FS/ºF @ 70º
• Output:
4-20 mA
0-5, 0-10, 1-5, 1-10 VDC
• Supply Voltage:
4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC:
9-28 VDC
0-10 VDC, 1-10 VDC:
14-28 VDC
mV/V:10 VDC
• Current Draw:
4-20 mA:
3-30 mA
0-5 / 0-10 VDC, 1-5 / 1-10 VDC:
3 mA
• Electrical Connection:
Vented watertight cable w/free ends
Up to 200 lbs tensile strength
• Electrical Protection:
Lightning and Surge protection is built in.
Protected against reverse polarity, surge per IEC 61000-4-5
• Maximum Depth:
Submersible up to 450 ft.
Housing: 316L SS
Cable: Polyurethane
Protective Cone: Delrin
Overmolded Cable
• 4-20 mA Output Only
CSA Intrinsically Safe:
Class 1, Division 1; Groups C & D
Ex ia IIB T4
Class 1, Zone 0, AEx ia IIB T4
Ambient: -40 - 85ºC
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PT-500 Common Model Configurations
Waste Water Configurations
Model Number
Model Description
4-20mA Output, 0-5 PSI, Removable cage and 1-1/2” Tri-clover, 40 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-10 PSI, Removable cage and 1-1/2” Tri-clover, 40 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-15 PSI, Removable cage and 1-1/2” Tri-clover, 60 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-20 PSI, Removable cage and 1-1/2” Tri-clover, 60 ft. PUR cable
Clean Water Configurations
Model Number
Model Description
4-20mA Output, 0-5 PSI, 1/2” NPTM and removable nose cone, 40 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-10 PSI, 1/2” NPTM and removable nose cone, 40 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-15 PSI, 1/2” NPTM and removable nose cone, 60 ft. PUR cable
4-20mA Output, 0-20 PSI, 1/2” NPTM and removable nose cone, 60 ft. PUR cable
PT-500 Accessories
Please order separately, by part number.
Part Number
316L SS hex coupler, 1/2” NPTF to 1/2” NPTF
Desiccant drying cartridge for breathing tube
Cage assembly
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Model Configuration Options
Model Number: PT-500_____ - _____ - _____ - _____ - _____ - _____ - _____ - _____
A. Cable Type
E. Overmold
□ -▲ Urethane - Blue (with vent tube)
□ E0▲ No overmold for 1/2” NPTM fitting for conduit
PVC - Black (no vent tube - sealed unit)
□ E37
Hytrel .31” Ø - Black (with vent tube)
PVC - Black (with vent tube)
F. Process Connection
Hytrel .25” Ø - Black (with vent tube)
□ P1▲ 1/2” NPTM with removable plastic nose cone
B. Pressure Range
□ Specify range in desired unit of measure
Max Water Depth
462.2 ft. (140.9 m), 300 psig
Pigtail with overmolded cable
□ P5
1/4” NPTF
□ P37
Welded Cage (anti-snag 1 piece fitting)
□ P38
1-1/2” tri-clover with 3/4” diaphragm
□ P39
Reusable Cage (includes P38 fitting)
G. Cable Length
□ (specify length of cable needed in feet)
C. Standard Units of Measure
D. Output
□ L1▲ 4-20 mA, 2-wire
H. Accuracy
□ N0▲ ±0.25%
□ N1
±0.25% with NIST certification
□ N2
±0.1% with NIST certification
Note: ▲Indicates this option is standard.
□ L3
0-5V, 4-wire*
□ L9
10 mV/V, 4-wire*
□ L10
0-10V, 4-wire*
□ L12
1-5V, 4-wire*
□ L21
1-10V, 4-wire*
□ L5
Modbus RTU, 4-wire RS-485*†
Pressure reading only
□ L31
Modbus RTU, 4-wire RS-485 *†
Level calculations, tank volume
Note: *Indicates this option does not yet have CSA
Note: †Indicates Field Adjustable Zero feature is not included.
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PT-500 Submersible Pressure
Robust from Top to Bottom
This fully welded body is ready for the most
demanding applications. And with it’s long list
of features, the PT-500 from APG is in a class of
it’s own.
Give us a call at (435) 525-7300 to learn more.
1/2” NPT Fitting
Mount to a conduit pipe
Hang from a steel wire
Saves cable from wear
Avoid interference with pumps
CSA Class 1, Div 1
Safe for operation around flammable gas
Field Adjustable
Adjust zero point with simple magnet
Magnet provided with the sensor
Don’t have to send to the manufacturer
for simple adjustments
Durable Transducer
Can be handled freely
Will not be damaged from
simple touch
State-of-the-art MEMs transducer
High Strength Cable
Custom made to our spec
High tensile strength with
Kevlar® (200 lbs)
Safe transducer ventilation
Laser Welds
Superior laser welds
Extremely durable
No cracks or leaks
Built-In Surge and Lightning
No surge-protector necessary
Protection built right into the
IEC 61000-4-5 compliant
Auto Temp Compensation
Embedded temperature sensor
Automatic compensation
Re-Usable Cage
Only re-usable cage on the
Keeping the cage saves
money on
replacement sensors
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