Adjustable Panhard Bar, Race Only
Part# C2138
Installation instructions
To aid the installation of this suspension product, mark the rear shock absorber
Relative to the protective skirt. With the vehicle at ride height. (curb height).
Place the transmission in neutral, and hoist the vehicle into position. While the vehicle
Is in the air support the rear axle and raise until the marks made on the shock tubes line up.
Remove factory Panhard Bar (it may be necessary to pry it out).
1. Thread Jam Nuts onto the Rod Ends and thread Rod Ends into the Panhard Bar
NOTE Use a lubricant on the Rod End Threads.
2. Adjust the Rod Ends in or out to match the length of the factory panhard bar.
3. Do not tighten the Rod End Jam Nuts at this time.
4. Install Spacers (provided in this kit) into the Rod Ends and place Panhard Bar in the original
position before installing and hand tightening mounting bolts.
5. With vehicle at ride height, measure and center the rear housing between the frame rails.
The rear will move left or right depending on which way the Rod Ends are turned.
6. Once the rear is centered between the frame rails, tighten the jam nuts.
7. Re-tighten the factory retaining bolts and torque to 129lb-ft. (Ford Motor Company Workshop
8. We recommend using Loctite-blue to prevent the Jam Nuts from backing off once the final
adjustments are made.
9. Re-install wheels, lower the vehicle and road test.
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