Flyer - Direct purchase program for OEM customers for types SIMOVAC and SIMOVAC-AR medium-voltage controllers (IC1000-F320-A214-X
Direct purchase program
Types SIMOVAC™ and SIMOVAC-AR™ medium-voltage controllers
engineered to your specification
A leader in the design of medium-voltage controllers, Siemens
offers its advanced medium-voltage controllers (arc-resistant
or non-arc-resistant) with enhanced safety for your personnel.
Siemens combined its knowledge as a leading manufacturer of
motors worldwide and as a world-class supplier of mediumvoltage controller innovation and technologies to deliver
flexibility and reliability. Become a direct purchase OEM partner
with Siemens and fulfill your medium-voltage control needs
faster, easier and more economically.
Features and benefits of direct purchase OEM program:
edicated application engineering and project engineering
ingle-points of contact - the assigned application engineer
and project engineer understand your company’s needs
better because they work on all of your company’s projects
fter initial approval of standarized drawings, repeat order
drawing release is certified resulting in shorter lead times
than typical orders because the approval drawing cycle is
re-negotiated commercial terms and conditions save time
and money
stablished price list for specific configurations helps
budgeting and reduces request-for-proposal cycle time
nline portal access for downloading drawings at your
lear chain-of-comand for service needs
roduct training available as part of partner program.
Figure 1: Typical SIMOVAC non-arc-resistant controller
Answers for infrastructure and cities.
SIMOVAC and SIMOVAC-AR medium-voltage controllers
features and benefits:
UL 347 5th edition/CSA C22.2 No. 253-09
Figure 2: Controller compartment
400 A bolt-in or stab-in (optional) vacuum contactor
400 A non-load-break isolating switch
.4 kV, 4.16 kV and 6.9 kV (up to 7.65 kV) system voltage
In multiple section lineups,1,200 A, 2,000 A or 3,000 A
main bus with standard epoxy insulation on bus bars, and
with optional boots for insulating joints
Tin- or silver-plated bus available
Front accessible
ain bus and ground bus are supported and braced to
50 kA two-second short-time capability
op-mounted pressure relief channel shipped installed for
reduced site installation time (arc-resistant option)
Isolating switch with visible indication through viewing
window to verify that the power cell is isolated from lineside source ‒ no need to open panel door
Isolating switch mechanically interlocked with the access
door to prevent user access to primary compartment when
isolating switch is closed
L ow-voltage compartment is isolated from the mediumvoltage compartment
ll components are front accessible, facilitating routine
inspection or parts replacement
urrent-limiting fuses, contactor assembly and isolating
switch assembly are easily removed from the enclosure
he main bus compartment is top, side and front
accessible for easy installation and extension
IMOVAC-AR tested for arc-resistance to IEEE C37.20.72007, up to 50 kA, 0.5 s, accessibility type 2B (optional)
(minimum two vertical sections per lineup).
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