IND Axel-780 Data Brief PDF

IND780axle Application Module
The Axle-780 Application provides an efficient, easy to use axle weighing software for use with any analog or MTX Powercell® vehicle scale. The
axle application software can be ordered for factory installation, or can be installed to an existing IND780 terminal in the field. The axle application
provides additional setup parameters, vehicle weighing sequences, and traffic light/gate control for weighing up to 12 axles. Without complex and
costly programming, the user can weigh trucks with an axle scale either in an attended or unattended mode. The IND780 local or remote I/O can
sequence the truck via a traffic light, and provide a weight ticket with individual axle weights as well as the gross weight.
Configurable Traffic Light Control
Customer Benefit
Configurable timers and weight
Allows for manual or automatic control of traffic light to signal driver to advance once an axle weight has
been recorded
Allows for direct traffic light control via the IND780 soft-keys, eliminating the need for an extra
pushbutton enclosure assembly
Allows user to configure default traffic light control depending on unique application needs
Allows the user to configure the operation for fastest possible throughput based upon the time of vehicles
being weighed and expected operation.
Monitors for overweight axles and provides a warning if an overweight axle or vehicle is detected.
Customizable overweight threshold by axle allows for separate thresholds to be established for steering
axles, and Class 9 drive and trailer tandem axles
Accumulates up to 12 axles
Provides the user the ability to view and record axle weights for multi-trailer combination trucks
Reposition axle and transaction
abort function
Allows the user to cancel a transaction or reweigh an axle as needed
Attended or Unattended Mode
Provides for fully attended or unattended weighing in applications where automatic sequencing of the
truck across the scale is desired
Configurable ID Table
Provides ability for the operator to manually enter a 20 alphanumeric truck ID or retrieve an ID from the
ID table for tracking purposes
Badge Reader interface
Allows for automated entry of an ID number via a bar code or RFID badge reader
Transaction Table
Provides easily exportable record of individual transactions including axle weights, gross weight, ID #
Flexible ticket templates
Default tickets template with individual axle weights, gross weight, ID #, and time/date
Template can be easily modified via InSite™ Template Editor
Duplicate ticket printing capability in the event a duplicate ticket is required
Save/Load of Table Files and
Configuration via InSite PC Tool
Allows user to create, back up, and upload to the IND780 terminal configuration information and
database information via simple USB connection
Allows for download of transaction files and table database information via FTP
Alerts the user to overweight axles and notates overweight axles on the weight ticket
Overload Checking
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