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Case Study - Billboard Advertising
Effective Outdoor Advertising.
Tramigo case file:
Billboard Advertising for Tramigo.
November 2009
Ivory Coast
6°51”N 5°18”W
With over 20 Million people, heavily increasing vehicle population and Tramigo’s ultimate superiority
against Chinese competition, Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny, the managing director of the Tramigo Service Center partnership in Ivory Coast knew well he had an extreme high-growth opportunity for Tramigo products. - All that needed to be done was to get the message out and put the Tramigo brand
name on the lips of anyone looking for a vehicle tracking/security solution.
“We wanted to corner the market for vehicle tracking and make Tramigo known to everyone.
Because the majority of Tramigo users are car owners, we decided that billboard advertising is the
perfect way to make sure that hundreds of thousands of passbyers have the chance to see your
advert. The only challenge was to plan an advertising campaign that stands out from the rest.” explains Franck.
‘’We had several hundred unit T22 stock and it was suddenly sold in two weeks after the campaign
started. Customers were booking units not yet arrived, the campaign practically exploded the sales.
Luckily, Tramigo as Supplier has excellent buffer stock and we were able to quickly replenish our
“The market in the Ivory Coast is already aware of what tracking is, but is interested in something
more than just an ordinary trackers.” - Franck explains “We wanted to portray Tramigo as a device
that gives you full control by telling you whatever is happening around your assets and loved ones.
That’s how we came up with ”Quoique tu Trames, je le sais.” which roughly translates to Whatever
you plan in the back of your head, I will know. “This
is a very strong tagline, because we really wanted
something that people will notice and talk about, so
we positioned Tramigo intentionally as a sort of spy
“There is a lot of billboard advertising here, so to stick
out from the crowd, we put up a two phase campaign
with a first set of 35 teaser billboards on major roads,
shopping centres and parking lots. The teaser ad that
had the tagline but did not reveal what it was all
about,so people who saw this were really wondering
what this is all about. At some point people were even
talking that this is some government ”big brother”
surveillance thing. - laughs Franck.
The campaign positions Tramigo as a surveillance device and
focuses on T22’s tracking, securing assets and remote listening
The teaser campaign proved extremely
successful. A month later as Franck put up
another set of 65 billboards around Abidjan
that revealed what the campaign is all about,
“Trames” had already become a term that
people were using when talking to each
“The number of people from the Ivory Coast
visiting the Tramigo website went up and has To stand out from the crowd, the first phase of the billboard campaign stated
nothing about the product except the campaign tagline.
now been ranking within the top five
searches for several weeks. A lot of people here now see
Tramigo as the brand name in tracking.” - notes Franck.
“We’re also starting to see this in sales as people looking for
tracking automatically look for Tramigo. This has increased
inquiries not just from consumers, but from security, utilities
and transportation companies as well.”
“Tramigo is an excellent product and once you get enough
people to start tracking with it, the brand name will take
wings of its own. A lot of it has to do with understanding how
the people see tracking and coming up with something that
makes Tramigo different from everyone else out there.”
Our billboard campaign did just that and even now, after the
billboards were taken down, the campaign continues
because people on the street are using the word ”Trames”
and associating it with Tramigo.”
- Franck concludes
The second phase billboards connect to the teaser
through the use of Tramigo colors and the same
tagline. - revealing what the campaign is all about.
Keys to effective billboard campaigns:
Develop a strong tagline that works for the local market.
Repetition and volume is crucial, an effective campaign requires several billboards.
Keep the message simple so that it is easily understood when driving past.
Make the Tramigo logo visible so people recognize the brand & can search you out.
Place billboards in areas that your target market frequents - the right roads, parking
lots etc.
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