Electro-Voice | EVID S44
▪ A complete matched background/foreground music
speaker solution.
▪ Large 8-inch (200 mm) woofer transducer for
substantial low frequency output.
▪ Direct connection of satellites to subwoofer —
simplifies installation wiring.
▪ Mounting brackets with wide range of motion for
surface mount satellites provide easy and secure
mounting of speaker to wall.
▪ Convenient detachable phoenix style signal
connections speed up installation time.
The EVID Compact Sound Speaker System is a very
compact full-range loudspeaker ideal for applications
requiring high-quality sound. Its shape flexibility and
size make it nearly invisible for use in background/
foreground music systems for restaurants, bars,
patios, retail, and other applications. The system
consists of a high performance surface mount 8-inch
subwoofer module with a crossover network to
support the included four (4) surface mount 2-inch
satellite speakers. The system provides for easy signal
connections at the subwoofer and can support either
4/8 ohm or 70/100v signal connections. Its high power
handling allows the system to be used in a wide
variety of environments and spaces to provide high
quality background or foreground music.
EVID 2.1
Music Program
Coverage (H x V):
Frequency Response
(-10 dB):
180 Hz - 20 kHz1
42 Hz - 300 Hz1
30 W2
200 W2
84 dB1
88 dB1
16 ohms
Dual 8 ohm / mono
4 ohm
Maximum SPL:
100 dB1
114 db1
150° x 150°3
Power Handling:
Voice Coverage (H x V):
50 mm (1.97 in)
200 mm (7.87 in)
160° x 60°
Phoenix (2-pin)
Phoenix (2-pin)
ABS (fire rated)
Wood (MDF)
100 W, 50 W, 25
W, 12.5 W
115 mm x 85 mm x
95 mm
(4.53 in x 3.35 in x
3.75 in)
400 mm x 400 mm
x 230 mm
(15.75 in x 15.75
in x 9.06 in)
0.5 kg (1.1 lb)
12.05 kg (26.55
Bracket Adjustment
Range (H x V):
Transformer Taps:
Dimensions (H x W x
Technical specifications
EVID 2.1
100° x 100°
Net Weight: (each)
Shipping Weight:
Included Accessories:
1 sub and 4 satellites: 18.26 kg (40.25 lb)
Wall bracket; hex
Wall bracket; hex
1. Half space (wall mounting).
2. Long Term Program Rating, 3 dB greater than
continuous noise pink noise rating.
3. Average 1 kHz – 4 kHz.
4. Average 1 kHz – 8 kHz.
2 | EVID S44
System overview
Architecture and Engineering Specifications:
The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way design
consisting of a separate subwoofer containing one
8-inch (200 mm) low-frequency transducer, (4)
satellites consisting of 2 inch (50 mm) high-frequency
transducers, and frequency-dividing network installed
in the vented subwoofer enclosure. All input and
output signal connections shall be made at the
subwoofer. All signal connections for the subwoofer
and satellite speakers shall be made using phoenix
style connectors. The system shall be operable either
in stereo or monaural mode when powered with a 4/8
low impedance amplified source. The system shall be
capable of operating up to 100 watts when driven with
a 100V or 70V amplified source signal. The
loudspeaker system shall meet the following
performance criteria: Power handling, 200 watts of
Long Term Program Rating; Frequency response, 42 Hz
– 20 kHz (-10 dB from rated sensitivity); Impedance, 8
ohms nominal in stereo mode, 4 ohms nominal in
mono mode. The high frequency transducer in the
satellites speakers shall provide even coverage of a
minimum 100° horizontally by 100° vertically averaged
over a frequency range of 1-8 kHz and a minimum 150°
horizontally by 150° vertically averaged over a
frequency range of 1-4 kHz. The subwoofer enclosure
shall be constructed of MDF with a vinyl wrapped
exterior. The satellite speakers shall be constructed of
fire rated ABS. The subwoofer enclosure shall be
15.75 inch (400 mm) high, 15.75 inch (400 mm) wide,
and 9.06 inch (230 mm) deep. The satellite
loudspeakers shall be adjustable over a range of 160°
horizontally and 60° vertically. The support bracket
shall be low profile and fully detachable from the
enclosure. The surface mount loudspeaker system
shall be the EVID S44 or the EVID S44W models made
by Electro-Voice.
Frequency Response:
Dimensions EVID-2.1 and mounting bracket
Dimensions EVID-40S and mounting bracket
The mounting bracket dimension drawings
are not to scale. Drawing sizes increased for
Ordering information
Wall mount speaker system package - surface mount
subwoofer and four (4) surface mount satellite
speakers; black
Order number EVID-S44
Wall mount speaker system package - surface mount
subwoofer and four (4) surface mount satellite
speakers; white
Order number EVID-S44W
EVID 2.1
Surface mount satellite speaker system; black
(priced and sold in pairs)
Order number EVID-2.1
Surface mount satellite speaker system; white
(priced and sold in pairs)
Order number EVID-2.1W
Surface mount subwoofer; black cabinet
Order number EVID-40S
3 | EVID S44
Surface mount subwoofer; white cabinet
Order number EVID-40SW
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