8Gb Fibre Channel Scalability Advantage in VMware vSphere 5

Competitive Brief
8Gb Fibre Channel Scalability
Advantage in VMware vSphere 5
QLogic 2500 Series Fibre Channel Adapter Outperforms
Emulex—Best Performance and Scalability
Industry Challenges
Server consolidation through virtualization of the enterprise data center improves server utilization and lowers data center capital
and operational costs. IT administrators must ensure that none of the subsystems become a bottleneck for successful deployment
of a virtualized and consolidated data center. The evolution of consolidated server deployments and the move to 8Gb Fibre Channel
infrastructure requires higher scalability when connecting servers to storage. To meet the growing requirements of consolidated and
virtualized environments, enterprise IT administrators must deploy a scalable, high-performance adapter architecture that can address
the demands from multiple virtual machines (VMs) and applications running simultaneously on a single physical server.

Competitive Brief
Virtual Machine Scalability
VMware vSphere 5
8Gb Fibre Channel (Dual Port)
8kB Sequential RW
QLogic® performed head-to-head performance benchmarks showing the
I/O performance and scalability advantages of the QLogic 2500 Series 8Gb
Fibre Channel Adapter over the Emulex® LightPulse® 12000 Series 8Gb
Adapter. QLogic compared the overall performance of these 8Gb adapters
when attached to an industry-leading, solid-state storage array to emulate
real-world VMware® vSphere® 5 environments. The results show that QLogic
2500 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters meet the demands of today’s
data center.
In vSphere 5 environments, the I/O performance is dependent on the
workload generated by the VMs on a given vSphere host server. For the
purposes of the performance benchmark, QLogic implemented a
configuration scaling the representative workload of VMs from one to eight.
The figure illustrates how the QLogic 2500 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel
Adapter performance scaled higher than the Emulex adapter as the number
of VMs increased from one to eight. The figure displays the results—the
QLogic adapter outperforms the Emulex adapter by 33 percent.
QLogic - QLE2562
Emulex - LPe12002
QLogic versus Emulex Performance Comparison
Key Differences
The QLogic 2500 Series Fibre Channel Adapter is the superior choice for
data centers using VMware vSphere 5. The reasons include the following:
•• Proven Leadership. According to Dell’Oro Group, QLogic is the market
leader, with a double-digit lead over the nearest competitor. With more
than 14 million ports deployed across multiple hardware platforms
and operating systems, QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters have been field
tested in enterprise data centers.
VMware vSphere 5 Key Benefits
•• Higher Application Performance. QLogic delivers increased scalability,
better reliability, and higher customer service metrics for VMware
vSphere 5 users.
The QLogic 2500 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters offer up to
33 percent higher IOPS and up to 33 percent higher throughput
compared to the Emulex LightPulse 12000 Series Adapter.
•• Power Optimized. QLogic StarPower™ technology allows the QLogic
2500 Series Fibre Channel Adapter to operate at 4.9W—an over 20
percent power advantage using Dynamic Power Management.
•• Highest levels of VM density
•• Perform VM migrations in the shortest time
•• Enterprise Reliability. QLogic adapters offer the highest levels of
uptime as well as a proven Fibre Channel stack.
QLogic’s customers achieve:
•• Warranty. QLogic delivers the most reliable adapter backed by the
industry’s only five-year warranty.
•• Better server utilization
•• Reduced operating expenses
•• Manageability. QLogic’s QConvergeConsole® delivers a Web-based,
single-pane-of-glass management console for all generations of QLogic
Fibre Channel Adapters.
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