Bring your pools and spas up to
code and keep them safe from
body and limb entrapment.
People with existing pools and spas now have the
opportunity to install the Vac-Alert not only to bring
their pools up to code but also keep swimmers and
children safe from body and limb entrapment. Local
and state officials see the need and have adopted or
are in the process of adopting the (ICC) International
Code Council‘s 2004-2006 (IBC) International
Building Code and the 2003-2006 (IRC) International
Residential code which calls for the (SVRS) Safety
Vacuum Release System to be installed on new
pools and spas. Don't wait until tragedy strikes call
your local pool professional to have the Vac-Alert
SVRS installed today.
Act now and we’ll send
you a FREE DVD with
no obligation.
Drain entrapment is a tragedy that can be
stopped before it happens. To see how,
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the many features and benefits of the
Vac-Alert Safety Vacuum Release System.
You’ll learn how this proven system can
keep you and your loved ones safe from
drain entrapment.
Enhance your peace of mind with Vac-Alert
To receive your DVD, or to
talk to a Vac-Alert Representative,
call 1-800-374-7405.
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Technical Commercial Support
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Protect your
loved ones
from serious
injuries and
Saves Lives.
Now there’s a solution:
Vac-Alert will increase safety —
and peace of mind.
From 1985 to 2002
Entrapment Solution for Body and Limb
U.S. Consumer Product Safety
The Vac-Alert Safety
Commission has documented 147
Vacuum Release System’s
cases of body limb and hair
spring-loaded piston reacts
entrapments, 36 which have resulted
instantaneously, opening to
in deaths involving the drain of a pool
atmosphere and releasing
or spa.These figures may understate
the life-threatening suction of
the problem, as many hospitals only
the drain. Once installed, it
maintain records under the generic
takes little or no maintenance.
heading of "drownings." Typically, the
Its non-corroding PVC and stainless steel
suction drain grate becomes brittle
construction ensure long life and superior
and cracks over time or it may be
loose or even missing without the
For Hair Entrapment
pool owner being aware. The suction
Install drain covers that meet or exceed the
from the drain outlet is strong enough
to cause body or limb entrapment.
standard 50-2000.
s The perfect safety solution for every pump
that draws water, including pools, spas,
fountains, slides and vacuum ports
s Self-monitoring, non-electrical and low
This strong suction will not allow a
person to free themselves no matter
how good of a swimmer they may be.
The problem is, most people aren't
even aware that they have a
Why more pool owners
and installers are insisting
on Vac-Alert:
Drainsafe DS 360
s Easy to install within thirty minutes. An
installation DVD is included with every
unit. It is recommended to use a pool
s Long lasting design features moisture
resistant PVC, and stainless steel
s Proven to work – some States such as
Texas, North Carolina, and other places
like Ontario, Canada are requiring
commercial pool owners use equipment
like Vac-Alert to retrofit pools or spas
s Meets all requirements of the International
Code Council both the International
Building Code (IBC) and the International
Residential Code (IRC). Meets or exceeds
all the ANSI/ASME performance standards
for safety vacuum release systems
dangerous situation lurking at the
s 3-year limited warranty ensures reliability
bottom of their pool or spa.
s Won’t damage your pump when tripped
“The life you save, could be
your child’s. Or your own.”