Traka M Touch Access control systems & kits datasheet

Traka Touch
Intelligent touch screen key management
• Keys are readily available 24/7, but to authorised users only
• Standalone ‘plug&play’ system with embedded Windows® software
• Full audit capability, retains a complete history of all key and user transactions
• Quick on-screen search for keys that are ‘out of system’
• View reports directly on screen or export via USB port
• Interface available in over 10 languages
• No network connection, PC or external database required
• Fast to configure and easy to use
Customer comment
Traka Touch is the newest addition to our range of integrated
“With Traka Touch we have been able
key management solutions, and it’s probably the most
to quickly and easily improve our
exciting development we’ve made in years – incorporating
key management at store level.
a 7" touch sensitive screen and using the latest embedded-
We are planning to install a system
processing technology. at every one of our stores throughout
Put simply, when it comes to key management Traka Touch
makes your life easier. It gives you an intelligent ‘out of
the box’ key management solution which operates entirely
independently of your IT systems. Everything is managed
via the touch screen on the front panel, from the initial
administrative set up of users and keys, right through to the
day to day user access.
the UK. It’s a brilliantly simple but
effective solution which makes
efficient key management incredibly
straightforward for both staff and
managers. What’s more, because it’s
stand alone, it is easy to deploy locally
without having to involve staff from
the corporate IT team or head office”
Traka Touch
What is Traka Touch?
Traka Touch is a sophisticated key management system which has
the intelligence built in. And because it’s a standalone solution,
there’s no need for a connection to your IT network and no server
requirement to manage the database. Everything you need is
embedded in the unit, so all you have to do is plug it in. Full audit
capability of all key transactions is retained within the system using
internal solid state memory and memory card. Full colour 7" touch screen
Embedded Windows CE and SQL Server database
Interface available in 10+ languages
Solid state memory holds 250,000+ events
Traka Touch at a glance
USB port for import/export of reports via
memory stick
• Traka Touch makes keys readily available, but to authorised users only.
Automatic data back-up to removable SD card
• Gives you control over who can use your keys, with access levels designated for each particular user.
Easy access via PIN code or optionally via card reader or biometrics recognition
• Each user must identify themselves at the cabinet using
either PIN code, swipe card or biometric recognition.
Voice synthesized help facility
• To remove any ambiguity, LEDs indicate which keys a user can and can’t take when they access the cabinet.
• Searching for an ‘out of system’ key is easy and Traka Touch will indicate who took it and when.
• Reporting functions enable user transactions to be
displayed on the screen so that you can quickly see a
complete report of all key usage between specified times
and dates. Great if you need to know who accessed the
store room out of hours last Friday, or who was driving
the delivery van two weeks ago!
Key sets managed per cabinet – 20 to 60
Built-in battery backup with charge status icon
Soft close-down with no data loss in the event of long term power failure
Clear polycarbonate door (standard), or metal door (optional)
What next?
• For printed reports, simply plug a USB memory
stick into the unit and your report will be automatically
exported, ready for use on a PC.
To find out more about Traka Touch, talk to us today,
call +44 (0)1234 712345 or email
With its touch screen technology and embedded
processing, Traka Touch gives you all the key
management capability that you require, but
without the need for any complex integration
with your IT systems.
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