Automatic Number Plate Recognition
• High speed number plate recognition
• Wide capture zone with single and dual
lane operation
• Journey time monitoring solutions
• Optional colour overview camera
• Easy to install, operate and integrate
• Road user charging systems
• Average speed enforcement
• Bi-directional operation
Sicore is a fully integrated automatic number plate
recognition camera designed for traffic management
and control applications. With camera, illuminator,
processor and modem integrated in a single rugged
enclosure, Sicore automatically captures any number
plate from vehicles travelling in both directions.
The integrated image processing software scans the
stream of incoming images for any vehicle and number
plate before transmitting the data to the central system
using industry standard, secure communications. An
intelligent, infrared illumination unit enables
continuous 24/7 operation of the camera on any
suitable roadside installation such as traffic signals,
bridge railings, gantries and lamp columns.
Sicore benefits
Sicore has a whole range of outstanding features providing
a new benchmark in accuracy, efficiency, reliability,
usability and cost-effectiveness.
Fewer cameras require less infrastructure
Sicore monitors up to two lanes in both directions
simultaneously, reading both front and rear number plates.
The ability to use a single camera for traffic in both
directions on a single carriageway road reduces the number
of cameras required for accurate number plate capture.
Alternatively a single camera is now able to capture
vehicles across multiple lanes of one carriageway, removing
the need for one camera in each lane to provide complete
coverage for journey time monitoring.
High speed number plate recognition
Using technology originally developed for character
recognition in postal sorting machines, the integrated ANPR
engine from Siemens attains maximum read rates at
vehicle speeds of up to 200 km/h. Special algorithms
enable the system to accurately recognise number plates
from many different countries without manual review,
reducing the need for postprocessing in enforcement
applications to provide an efficient solution. This high
performance level is available throughout the day and
overnight with the intelligent infrared illuminator providing
optimum illumination of the detection zone.
Extended service life
The robust Sicore system components are designed for
24/7 operation in a roadside environment. Siemens
extensive experience in designing and manufacturing
solutions for the roadside has been applied to the design of
Sicore, resulting in virtually no maintenance requirements
except for periodic cleaning and inspections. The fanless
design provides reliable operation of the cameras at
temperatures between -30° C and +65°C. The infra-red
illumination unit, often critical in maintenance of ANPR
camera systems utilises an intelligent control mechanism to
provide an extended service life of up to double current
camera systems.
Easy to install, operate and integrate
Sicore is designed for ease of operation and to minimise
the installation and configuration requirements on street.
The advanced character recognition technology within
Sicore removes the need for detailed camera alignment
that is sometimes required for ANPR systems. Capable of
reading number plates from the side of the road without
mechanical adjustment for skew angles, with power
and communications available Sicore is quickly installed
and reading number plates. With the wide detection zone
of Sicore, fewer cameras are required, removing or
reducing the need for mechanical alignment of multicamera installations in enforcement applications
Using a single cable for both power and data transmission,
Sicore is easy to install and once mounted, accessible for
service engineers from ground level using a browser based
user interface. The user interface – which can also be
accessed remotely - makes system operation very
straightforward without the need for knowledge of
complex scripts or dedicated configuration tools.
Via remote access the user can monitor the cameras’
operational status and update any parameters which may
be required. Supporting a range of different interfaces,
Sicore can be smoothly integrated into any traffic
management system.
Sicore applications
Journey time monitoring and traffic
The calculation and display of real-time journey
information is invaluable to the operator in a modern traffic
control centre to ensure that the network operates in the
most efficient manner. Sicore ANPR cameras linked to a
UTMC traffic management system allow live journey time
information to be displayed to the operator and also to the
public via the Internet. This information provides details
of the current traffic situation and can also be used in the
selection of strategic control measures to ensure the
network operates efficiently. As well as providing real-time
information on network performance through the
calculation of journey times, the data collected by the
camera network is invaluable to the user, removing the
need for expensive, infrequent manpower intensive surveys
to determine traffic flows. The flexible communications
architecture available with Sicore allows
easy integration into Siemens’ Comet JTMS module,
alongside existing ANPR and other devices using the most
appropriate method of communication for each element
of the system.
Road user charging
Sicore is the ideal enforcement ANPR camera for
Congestion Charging applications. The high level of
evidential security allows Sicore to give complete
confidence in the performance and security of the
Congestion Charging application. Its wide lane coverage
ability and bi-directional capture functionality enable
the fewest number of cameras to be deployed in a city’s
Congestion Charging scheme, giving a cost effective
and visually unobtrusive solution.
Sicore can be used for a number of similar applications to
Congestion Charging, including Low Emission Zones, the
monitoring and control of borders and when integrated
with additional outstation equipment, the enforcement of
national road user charging schemes.
Average speed enforcement
SafeZone is Siemens’ average speed enforcement
solution using Sicore, designed to increase the number of
deployment options currently available while reducing
the number of cameras and infrastructure required to
provide effective casualty reduction programs.
SafeZone operates by identifying all vehicles as they
enter an enforcement zone, calculating average speed
against the exact distance travelled within the zone. With
Sicore cameras only requiring a minimum of seventy
metres between out-stations, SafeZone enables
customers to enforce 20mph zones or safety critical
areas, such as schools. SafeZone also supports multi-lane
and multiple entry and exit points, ensuring effective use
of the system for all types of urban, rural, highway or
motorway average speed enforcement.
Technical Specification
Lane width • 3.5m (single lane version)
• 7m (dual lane version)
Detection range • 5m – 30m (single lane, version)
• 10m – 35m (dual lane version)
Vehicle detection speed
• Up to 125mph / 200kph
Vehicle triggering
• Internal video-based vehicle triggering
• Integral infrared illuminator – 850nm wavelength
• 150 focussed LEDs with intelligent controller for
maximum service life
• Monochrome – up to three per vehicle including plate
• Colour overview (optional) – up to three frames per
Search lists
• 2 search lists of up to 1,000,000 plates supporting
multiple actions for registered vehicles including
transmission of evidential records to back office systems
Communications and Interfacing
• 10,100,1000 Base-T, Cat5 connection
• Integral GPRS modem and antenna (Optional)
• Secure SSL-encryption for data transmission
• Optional hash coding of number plates for JTMS
Siemens Infrastructure & Cities
Traffic Solutions
Sopers Lane
BH17 7ER
Relay output
• 24V/20mA output
Trigger input
• Opto-isolated input >10mA
Infrared sensor
• CMOS 752 x 480 pixels (single lane version)
• CCD 1620 x 480 pixels (dual lane version)
Colour sensor
• CMOS 752 x 480 pixels
Optical system
• 2/3” lenses with integral infrared bandpass filter
• F = 9mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm
• Factory set for optimum reliability
• Internal clock synchronised via SNTP server
• Web-based user interface or configuration files
• IP65
Temperature range
• -30 deg C to + 65 deg C
• Fanless design
• 20 – 26VDC, 2.5A
Power consumption • Typically 25W
Weight • Approximately 5.7kg
• 188mm x 210mm x
386mm (W x D x H)
including anti-glare sun shield
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