signature Rack Oven
The Doyon rack oven is simply your best buy
for high volume production. You can use either
2 single racks or 1 double rack. This oven is
made of stainless steel inside and outside for
easy cleaning and durability. It comes standard
with a digital programmable control which
features a high volume manual shot and
constant pulse steam injection system. Doyon’s
SRO series have standard suspended type racks
(easy maintenance and cleaning), stainless
steel floor and front mounted panel for service
and maintenance. The SRO is a space saving
unit and ships in one piece or knocked down.
Bread, Rolls, Buns, Pastries, Cookies, Muffins,
Pies, Cakes, Bagels, Croissants, Sourdough,
Ryes, Pizza and Proteins
• H
eavy duty stainless steel construction
for longer life
• High efficiency, quick temperature
• High production steam system
• Shot or pulse steam injection
• Four air channels to achieve a perfect bake
• Variable air speed with adjustable airflow
• Advanced programmable oven control
- 8 stage baking
- Auto ON/OFF Control
- Cool-down mode
- 99 programmable menus
• Energy saving mode
• Accommodates two single or
one double rack
• Flush stainless steel floor for easy
rack loading, no ramp required
• Field reversible door
• Insulated with 5” thick high temp. insulation
• Heavy-Duty rotating and lifting system with
capacity of 1500 lbs.
• Self adjusting slip clutch prevents
oven/rack damage
• Standard Type II hood
• Built-in rollers and levelers for easy
• Ships knock down standard
• 1 year parts 1 year labor limited warranty
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SRO2E 72” W X 62” D X 103” H
(1830 mm X 1570 mm X 2616 mm)
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (2 supplies are required)
Supply 1 for vent hood
120V - 15 A - 60 Hz dedicated circuit
Supply 2 for oven
3 Phases:
208V - 142 A - 51 kW - 60 Hz - 3 wires + Ground
240V - 123 A - 51 kW - 60 Hz - 3 wires + Ground
480V - 62 A - 51 kW - 60 Hz - 3 wires + Ground
Water Inlet: 1/2” NPT
Drain: 3/4’’ NPT (located on the front and the back)
A water softener system with a minimum flow rate of 4 gpm is
highly recommended.
Minimum clearance from combustible material
0” (0 mm) side and back
0” (0 mm) on non combustible floor
18” (305 mm) top
FINISH: Stainless steel
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3900 lb (1800 kg) approximately
Unit must be on a level floor. Not approved for installation on combustible
floor surfaces. Certified for zero clearance to combustible surface sides and back.
Drain connection located in the back and front of the unit, choose the one that best
fits your needs. Floor must be bolted under the door only.
Electrical, water and gas system connections located on the front top of the unit.
10” diameter connection collar. Minimum 900 cfm required with 0.6’’ w.c. static
pressure drop through hood. Customer to supply duct and ventilator fan per local
code. Airflow proving switch is factory installed and integrated with heating system
operation. Oven provided with relay contact maximum 10 amp 1/2 HP 120V output for
fan operation. Ventilator fan is required. Consult local authorities to determine whether
Type 1 (grease) or Type 2 (vapor) duct will be required. Hood connection suitable for
connection to type B vent, except when products emit grease laden vapors.
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
5600 13th Street • Menominee, MI 49858 USA
Phone: 906-863-4401
Toll Free: 1-800-338-9886
Fax: 906-863-5889