#5002 User Guide

Hip Talk is a self-contained communication device that
allows the user to record and playback messages. Hip Talk
comes in a total of four styles and seven different message
capacities. The one, two or four message models come in a
soft nylon zippered pack with a waist strap and feature large
recessed switch plates(s) on top for easy access.
If you exceed the maximum length for any single message,
the unit will use the memory of succeeding buttons. Bear in
mind, however, that if message length exceeds available
memory amount, it will wrap around over itself at its
Using a screwdriver, remove the screw on the battery
compartment and remove the battery compartment
cover. Observing polarity, install 4 AA batteries.
Screw the battery compartment cover back into place.
The microphone is located on the side of the unit and
the RECORD button is located on the bottom of the
unit (see diagram on back). To record a message,
depress and hold the RECORD button, then depress one
of the switchplates and speak into the microphone.
Release both buttons once recording is over. Playback
your message by pressing and releasing the same
switchplate used to record. Each of the remaining
switchplates can be programmed in the same manner.
The unit will retain recorded information indefinitely,
even if the battery is disconnected. Previously stored
information will be erased only when a new recording is
If the unit fails to operate, or operates incorrectly, the
following steps should be performed:
Disconnect the power by removing one of the batteries
for 20 seconds, to reset the unit. If the unit still does
not work correctly after the battery is reconnected,
replace all the batteries.
Make sure there are no obstacles between the switch
buttons and the housing of the unit.
If you have any problems or questions about this unit or any
of our products, please call our Technical Assistance
Department at:
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