Street Lite Tether Kill Switch Assembly

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MPS Street Lite Tether Switch Installation Instructions
The MPS Street Lite Tether Switch was designed to stop the engine if the rider loses control of
their bike. Our switch is a normally closed type switch. The MPS Street Lite Tether Switch can
be used as the master switch on race only bikes. The switch will handle as much current as an
18-gauge wire. Always pull out the plug by the plug itself and not the cord. This will prevent
damage to the wire and plug. If you are using the tether kill switch as a master switch, be aware
that you should replace the electrical portion each year to insure good connections. The MPS
Tether Kill Rebuild Kit is P/N 1-0071.
Installation – Remove the stock front brake master cylinder bolts. Using the stainless steel bolts
and washers provided, bolt the Street Lite Tether Switch and factory clamp to the master cylinder.
Tighten to factory specs.
Wiring – There are a lot of ways to wire the Tether Kill Switch. Here are the easiest ways. For
bikes with switch pods still on the handlebars, find the on/off rocker switch and take apart the
switch pod to determine the wire colors that go to the on/off switch. Once you know what color
wires go to the switch, find a good spot in the harness to break one of them. You can use either
wire that goes to the on/off switch. Cut the wire and connect one end to one of the wires on the
tether kill. Connect the other to the remaining wire on the tether kill switch. We recommend
soldering or good quality butt connectors. See diagram below.
Tether Kill Switch
On/Off Rocker Switch
Factory On/Off Wires
If you have any more questions we have a Frequently Asked Questions page at our web site as
well as the telephone tech support. Thank you for your purchase of this MPS product. All
products sold by MPS are for use at closed course competition events and not for use on public
streets or highways.
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