Vocal 3 New Harmony Modes Harmony

3 New Harmony Modes
Harmony Fixed Mode
Harmony Pedal Mode
FX Block
Harmony Mixed Mode
Improved Harmony Hold
Improved Portamento (humanization)
Increased Shifter Range
Create brand new harmony sounds: Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed
Harmony voice that sings the note you want regardless of chord
Harmony voice that sings an interval from each chord
Blend Fixed, Pedal, NaturalPlay, Scale and Shift harmonies for never-before-heard harmony suspensions
More accurate Harmony Hold
Harmony voices sound more realistic
RoomSense for NaturalPlay
Polyphonic Vocal Synth
Improved HardTune
New HardTune Styles
Separate Transducer and HardTune
Improved Transducer Style Transitions
Doubling Improvements (humanize
New 1/2 Note Delay Division
New Delay Filters
+/- 3 oct shift range
Use the onboard RoomSense mics to determine key/scale automatically.
Acoustic piano/guitar or even a band can guide Harmony and HardTune effects
Multi-note synthesized vocal sound. Includes onboard synthesizer waveforms
True vocoder sounds, including talking robot, guitar talkbox, onboard waves
HardTune is both more and less noticeable, depending on the Style
More HardTune styles to choose from
Direct control over each effect, instead of previously shared button
Transducer transitions sound smoother
More accurate and better sounding doubling
Choir FX Block
Rhythmic FX Block
Improved Reverb
New Styles Across FX Blocks
Vocal HIT
EQ – Improved Filter Design and
Added choice for Delay division
More choices for the way your echoes sound
Brand new effects block with more controls and parameters. Choir can now
be added to lead voice
Brand new effect styles and sounds
Better sounding vocal reverbs, with more Styles
Added new Styles in every Effects block
Turn on/off multiple vocal effects with one button
Expanded EQ range and precision
Delay – with styles from TC Electronic
Reverb – with styles from TC Electronic
Chorus – with styles from TC Electronic
Flanger – with styles from TC Electronic
FX Block
Octaves and pitch shifts
Drive FX
Talkbox Via Vocoder
Vocoder (vocal FX)
Wah Wah
Wah Wah
Rhythmic Effects
Guitar HIT
Compressor Effect
Amp Simulations
Pan Guitar Per Preset
Complete EQ Control
Acoustic Mode
System Menu
Hard Gate
System Menu
Guitar Tuner
Preset UP/DOWN
Multiple Guitar Out Paths
System Menu
All the classic Delay types, including styles from TC Electronic’s Flashback
Slaps, plates, springs, and rooms galore, including styles from TC Electronic’s
Hall of Fame Reverb
Lush chorus FX and silky detunes, including styles from TC Electronic’s Corona Chorus
Soft/hard/mono flanges, rotors, including styles from TC Electronic’s Vortex
Play bass! +/- 2 octaves in semitone increments. Choose between shifted
only or mixed with dry guitar
Boost, distortions, grunts, overdrives. Push your amp to the max with the
dedicated DRIVE footswitch to boost or increase drive and distortion on your
chosen amp model. Including settings from TC Electronic’s Dark Matter Distortion
The awesome Talkbox effect. Includes dry mix-in and other completely novel
Recreations of classic wah and new filter-based pedal effects
Recreates classic sounds from early “blackface” amps
Full Rhythmic effects for guitar. Chopper, panner etc. Linked with global delay
and looper tempo
Turn on/off any or all guitar effects with one button
Compressor pedal effect controls for every preset – with dedicated on/off
Dozens of handcrafted amp simulations, British and American, with unparalleled parameter control for complete customization
Pan your guitar to create brand new sounds
Change your guitar EQ for each preset – or globally
Quickly set the entire VL3 box for acoustic guitar use
Fast response, quick release gate to eliminate guitar noise and use as an effect
Customizable tuner with easy access via UP/DOWN footswitches. Also engages TALK MODE when pressed
Choose your output type based on where you want VL3X to send your guitar
3-Phrase Loops (Verse, Chorus,
FX Block
Store Loops
Independent Stereo Looping of Vocal
and Guitar
Loops Per Preset
45 Minutes of Non-Volatile Loop
Variable Loop Lengths
Serial Mode
New Metronome Sounds
Auto Metronome Mute
Input Select On The Fly
Loop Level Control
Easy Access to Main Loop Controls
Mix Screen
Song building style looper with 3 independent phrases
Helps put your loop button presses on time for seamless loops
Save your loops in up to 10 independent loop sessions. Loop sessions contain
all performance settings and each store up to 3 loop tracks, for a total of 30
available loop tracks
Vocal loops outputs to stereo/mono XLR while guitar loops outputs to separate stereo/mono TRS
Associate a loop with a preset, so it loads with it
Use all of it for one loop or distribute it across all available loop tracks.
Record a short 1st loop, then record a longer loop over it, or vice versa. Loop
tracks can be of any length and can synchronize with each other automatically
Queue up to 3 phrases which can play end to end when you switch them.
Swap between B and C loop phrases while “A” loop plays
Kickdrum, Stick, Shaker, Tambourine, Cowbell
Listen to the click only until your first loop is recorded
Change your loop input (Guitar, Voice, Aux or combinations) from a standing
Control the loop output level
Direct loop control via dedicated footswitches in Loop Layer mode
User Interface
3 Layers UI Philosophy
Completely independent Vocal, Guitar and Loop controls/modes
Remappable Buttons
Customize your unit like never before! Map ANY effects button to ANY of the
6 footswitches on the right
Mixed Layers
Move buttons from one “layer” to another for custom control. E.g. Put guitar
“Drive” on a “vocal layer” footswitch
Easy Graphical Top Level Editing
Simple graphical controls for effects with most used controls right at the top,
while retaining massive edit capability
If a preset is too loud or quiet, you can adjust the overall effects level per
Set both your levels at the same time automatically
Sort and organize presets by type, sound, or genre. Create a custom playlist
of your favorite presets
Turn on/off any or all effects – across layers – with one button press
Turn up/down all reverb levels across all presets with one control
Boost or cut your talk/bypass volume
One tempo to rule them all. Syncs guitar and vocal delays plus rhythmic and
Lock down your favorite effects and use them on any preset
Mute your guitar and vocal output for breaks etc.
100 more preset slots than VoiceLive 2
Special presets containing effect settings you want to stay consistent from
preset to preset
Access our back catalog of presets (1000+ presets for free download)
Extra Mic Control options, e.g. preset/step
Exclude both Volume and Hi Res Pitch Bend info from CC’s
Press and hold “GENRE” to easily see your firmware version, serial number
Per Preset Volume
Auto Vocal and Guitar Level Set
Genre/Favorite Preset Categories
All HIT or Guitar/Vocal HIT
Overall Reverb Level Mix
Talk Volume Trim
System Wide Tempo
Global Sounds
All Mute
More Preset Room
Global Presets
Access to All Presets via VoiceSupport
More Mic Control Options
MIDI CC Excludes for CC7 and CC88
System Info Tab
4 Channel Stereo Out (Vocal + Guitar)
Guitar THRU
Combo Jack for Main In
Input sensing (Aux/Mon)
Output sensing (guitar)
Fixed or Variable Guitar Output
Monitor IN/THRU
Independent Headphone Mix
Use Included Guitar & Headphone Cable for IEM’s
RoomSense™ for Ambient Monitoring
Expression Pedal x2
Mute Aux to Main
Great for recording stereo vocals and guitar separately. Guitar OUT features
correct impedance etc. for connection directly to a guitar amp
Send an unprocessed guitar signal thru to your amp and FX chain – while still
controlling vocal Harmony/HardTune effects
No separate Line In. Both XLR and TRS on same jack
Plugging in Aux or Monitors will set levels appropriately
Plugging in Guitar Out will remove guitar signal from XLR outputs automatically
Fixed output for sending to guitar amp, variable for FRFR amplification or recording
Input for a monitor mix and pass-through for other monitors. Headphone
Completely different mix in your IEM’s or headphones
Combine guitar and headphone cables into one easy-to-use setup
Add some of the surrounding room sounds to your headphone/IEM mix
Add our assignable 3-button external footswitch to the control setup for
You can use 2 different expression/volume pedals at the same time. Per preset assignment possible
Decide whether your Aux signal (e.g. backing tracks) goes out the main outputs
100% Re-Designed Analog and Digital I/O
3iC Processing
Capacitive Touch Buttons
Push Button Control Knob
Multi-Color Foot Switch LEDs
Power Cable Strain Relief
Kensington Lock
The electronic and software platform for VL3X was completely redesigned
from the ground up
3 independent processor cores dedicated solely to vocals, guitar and looping.
More than double the processing power of VoiceLive 2
Easy touch interface for main menu buttons
Push the control knob to quickly set a favorite preset
See which effects/controls you’re accessing at a glance
Prevent cable from pulling out during a show
Keep your VL3 safe in both retail and traveling situations