Canon C300/C500 Z-Finder Recoil and EVF Recoil

Canon C300/500 Z-Finder and EVF Recoil Kits
The Canon Kit is a professional solution for opperating your
Canon C300 or C500. Centered around the Universal VCT
Baseplate, this kit allows you to transfer your rig from tripod to
shoulder in seconds. Zacuto’s C 300/500 Z-Finder connects directly
to your Canon monitor giving you a 1.8x maginfication with
additional diopters to fine tune to your vision. The quick releasable
Recoil Handle gives you a secure grip and provides numerous
options to mount a variety of accessories.
For additional assembly and individual component features, see numerical figures.
Figure 1:b Adjusting Rods (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
Figure 5:a
Figure 4:a
(Z-Finder Recoil)
Figure 6:a
(Z-Finder Recoil)
Figure 3:a
Parts & Features
1 Universal VCT Baseplate
3/8”-16 Mounting Screw
1/4”-20 Mounting Screw
Racheting Levers
Rod Clamp Riser
Attach rods to VCT Plate by loosening
racheting levers, sliding rods into place
and then re-tighten levers.
Figure 1:c Mounting VCT Plate to VCT-14 Tripod Quick Release Plate
2 Rear Rod Ports
Side 1/4”-20 Mounting Holes
(VCT-14 Sold Seperatly) (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
Mount VCT Plate to VCT-14 by sliding the front wedge into front slot
of VCT-14 and the tail hook around the rear knob of VCT-14.
The VCT-14 will click when the VCT Plate is locked into place.
1 Tail Hook
1 VCT Wedge Plate
2 15mm Rods
1 5/32 & 9/64 Allen Wrench
1 Recoil Handle (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
1 Tightening Lever
1 Rod Port 15mm
1 Cold Shoe
Accessory Jaws
1 1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16
mounting holes.
Z-Mount & Zwivel
(EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
Figure 2:a
Lever Usage
1 Rod Port
1 Tightening Lever
(EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
1 Helmet w/
1/4”-20 Screw
Pull knob out
to reposition.
2 Racheting
Pull red lever on VCT-14 to release
your Universal VCT Plate.
Right Tight
(Z-Finder Recoil)
An alternative mounting method when using a tripod
without a VCT14, is to mount your tripod’s quick release
wedge plate to the wedge on the bottom of the
Universal VCT Plate.
Left Loose
Figure 1:a Mounting Camera (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
1 From the bottom of the VCT Plate, screw the 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16
mounting screw into the bottom your camera.
1 Lens Cap
Figure 2:a Assembling C300 Grip and Grip Relocator (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
Insert connecting cable from c300 grip to
grip relocator as shown
2 Before securing in place, add on accessories to be used to help find the true
1 Orientable
1 Z-Finder Mounting Kit
balance of your camera. Align both the VCT and camera’s center of balance
and secure mounting screw in place.
(Z-Finder Recoil)
1 Focus Ring
2 Tightening Lever
1 Coldshoe
Monitor Lock
1 Coldshoe Slot
Camera Center of Balance
1 Z-Rail Jaws
Locking Bar
1 Racheting Lever
Mount the grip relocator to the rods using
the rod port on your z mount and zwivel.
4 Anti-Fog Coated Optical
Diopters (0,+1,+2,+3)
1 9/64, 5/32, and 3mm
Allen Wrench
1 5” Z Rail
If needed the tail hook position can be raised or lowered.
Loosen both allen screws equally, raise or lower tail hook
and relock both allen screws when in desired position.
2 M4x6 Helmet
Allen Screws
1 3” Z Rail
1 C300/500 Z Finder 1.8x
1 Lens Cloth
Figure 1:a
1 Grip Relocator with
2 Racheting Lever
1 Z-Rail Jaws
Adjust rod height by loosening both front
allen screws equally. Slide rods up or down
for desired position and relock allen screws.
VCT Universal Baseplate Center of Balance
Position c300 grip to your liking on the grip
relocator and screw tightly together.
finally, plug cable into c300.
Figure 3:a Mounting Helmet to Camera (EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
1 Remove both film plane screws from camera.
Mount 3” Z-Rail to top
center of helmet
Attach helmet’s ¼”-20 screw into center of
camera’s hotshoe. Do not tighten all the way.
Figure 5:a Attaching Z-Finder to Canon Monitor (Z-Finder Recoil)
Before assembling Z-Finder, orient your Canon Monitor
as shown below.
Figure 6:a Focusing Z-Finder (Z-Finder Recoil)
To help focus the diopter, use
letters in the camera menu screen
to focus in on.
2 Attach allen screws on both sides
of helmet as shown in picture. Tighten
both allen screws and ¼”-20 screw
from step 1. Re-attach film plane
screws into helmet.
Fa r
M 4X6 Allen Screw
1 Unlock red locking bar.
sig hte d
2 Flip down Z-Finder coldshoe monitor lock,
and slide Z-Finder onto Canon screen.
Helmet 1/4”-20
Film Plane Screw
Figure 6:b Inserting Diopters (Z-Finder Recoil)
If your LCD is not in focus, after fully extending with focus ring, you will
need to add a diopter. Take out the 0 diopter, which is already in for protection.
We recommend starting with the +1, if the LCD is still not in focus then
swap out the +1 for a +2 or +3 until focus is attained.
(A +4 and -1 Diopter are sold seperately, if needed.)
Figure 4:a Mounting your Recoil Handle
(EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
3 Relock red locking bar.
To mount the Recoil Handle to 3” Z-Rail
on top of the helmet slide jaws onto
z-rail and tighten racheting lever when
in a balanced position.
4 Tighten Z-Finder coldshoe monitor lock
around the Canon Monitor Coldshoe.
Figure 5:b Attaching Z-Finder and Monitor to Mounting Kit (Z-Finder Recoil)
The jaws can be moved to either end of the handle or rotated 90 degrees
to help position the handle and/or accessories in a balanced position.
Sun Mask
1 Loosen screws and rotate
2 Mounting kit positioning is
adjustable with the two levers
highlighted above.
1 Slide monitor coldshoe into the mounting kit’s
coldshoe slot. Tighten inside lever when securely in place.
1 Remove allen screw and
jaws connected to handle.
Figure 5:c Mounting Z-Finder, Monitor and Mounting kit to Helmet (Z-Finder Recoil)
1 Mount 5” Z-Rail to the left side of the helmet.
Figure 4:b Operating your Recoil Handle
(EVF & Z-Finder Recoil)
Coldshoe Jaws for
shoe accessories.
Rod lock for Zamerican
Arms, EVF Mounts,
or 15 mm rods
2 Remove sun mask by lifting
up, remove 0 diopter and
insert your desired diopter,
convex side down.
3 Place sun mask back on top
2 Align jaws with rear mount,
and tighten allen screw in place.
sun mask until all three
notches align with screws.
of diopter. Rotate sun mask
to original position and
tighten screws.
2 Slide mounting kit with Z-Finder and monitor
onto Z-Rail. Adjust for user comfort before
locking mounting kit in place.
See front figure for full correct Assembly
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