Customer statement

Treating our customers fairly
Our Standards of Conduct
We supply gas and electricity to almost 5 million domestic and
business customers, employing nearly 11,000 people in the UK and
more than 62,000 worldwide.
We’ll aim to be fair, honest, transparent, appropriate
and professional in our dealings with you. Any
information we give you, when we write or speak to
you, will be:
We want to give our customers simpler products at fair prices with a
friendly and helpful service.
Whether you’re reading something from us, talking to us, or looking at
our website, we want to make sure we’re giving you clear information
that’s easy to understand.
We’ve been meeting hundreds of our customers to listen to them and
make sure we’re improving the things that matter to you.
One of things you told us was that you want things to be easy, so
we’ve developed our Smartphone App so you can enter your meter
reads and get energy saving tips when it suits you.
We know what we do affects what you think of us and how much you
trust us. We won’t forget that you chose us and we need to work hard
to make you want to stay. We know energy bills are a big part of what
you spend and we’re working hard on keeping our costs down so that
you pay no more than you need.
We’re proud to be voted number one out of the six major energy
suppliers for overall customer satisfaction for the second year running
in the independent annual customer satisfaction awards.
But we know there is more work to do.
In our Customer Statement, that follows, you can see what we’re
doing to make sure that we become our customers’ trusted energy
partner and meet the Standards of Conduct that we’re all working to.
• Complete, clear, accurate and truthful
• In plain and easy to understand language
• About products and services which are appropriate
to you.
We want to be easy to deal with, so:
•We’ll make it easy for you to contact us
•We’ll fix it for you if things go wrong, promptly and
courteously, with no excuses
•We’ll make sure we do things in a complete,
thorough, fit for purpose and transparent manner
by regularly reviewing and acting on your
If you want us to send you a copy of our statement
free of charge then contact us at email.queries@, write to us at Customer Service
Centre, E.ON, PO Box 2010, Nottingham NG1 9GQ or
call us on 0345 059 9905.
If you’d like to help us change things in the future,
join our YourSay Panel.
Tony Cocker,
Chief Executive, E.ON UK.
E.ON Energy Solutions Limited Registered Office: Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG.
Registered in England and Wales No: 3407430
We’re listening to you to make sure
we’re doing the right things right
Over the past year we’ve been meeting with many of our
customers and listening to their ideas. We’ve held over 40 face
to face sessions with customers to find out what they want us
to change.
After these sessions we:
• Increased the number of people who answer your calls.
• Created some ‘how to’ videos with people from our call
centres showing you how to do things – like read your meter
and access your emergency credit on a prepayment meter.
• Made changes to our secure online registration so that you
don’t have to remember your login and password every time.
And we’re still talking to you about more changes. We now
have over 33,000 customers who we regularly talk to us online,
giving us feedback on everything from improving the way
our website works to new ways to pay. You can join the panel
here. And we’ve run 18 online focus groups so far this year
where people come together to tell us what they think.
We’ll work to make sure everything
we do is clear and straightforward
Our online Direct Debit Manager helps you check your
monthly Direct Debit payments and manage these. Over
250,000 customers have already used this tool with over
100,000 making a change to their payment amount.
We’ve made it easier to register online so we can send all
your information electronically (unless you prefer it by post).
We’ve also created a ‘remember me’ function to speed up the
process of making payments by allowing you to re-use a card
you have previously paid with to save you time.
If you leave us and you have some money in your account and
we have up to date meter readings and contact details we will
return the money direct to your bank account or by cheque.
We will try and contact you if we need further information
before returning your balance.
We’ve been working to help you use no
more energy than you need
Last year we’ve launched our online Saving Energy Toolkit
where customers can see how much energy they’re using
compared to similar homes in their area, as well as their
energy use and costs over time. The What Uses Most Audit
lets you see where you use energy in your home. And to help
you save even more energy you can access the Ways to Save
section which gives practical advice and useful hints and tips.
Over 700,000 customers use the Saving Energy Toolkit.
We’ve reduced our choice of products to just four tariffs
making it easier for you to compare and be on the best tariff
for you.
When we launch a new fixed priced tariff, customers who are
registered to our Price Alert service will get an email to let
them know. So far over 300,000 people have signed up.
All our tariffs offer E.ON Rewards which means you can choose
to earn E.ON Reward Points to exchange for high street
BonusBond shopping vouchers or Tesco Clubcard points.
When you’re coming to the end of your contract we’ll contact
you and give you the information you need to compare the
tariff you’re on with the others we have available.
We’ve trained everyone in our service centres in an accredited
Energy Efficiency qualification so that whenever you call us
you’re talking to someone who is knowledgeable and can give
you relevant help and advice.
We’ve installed 36,000 boilers in 2013 and over 10,000 so far in
2014 for free into the homes of those who need it most. We’ve
spent over £200 million helping to make more than 93,000
homes more energy efficient by insulating them and giving
them free central heating systems that work better and cost
less to run.
E.ON Energy Solutions Limited Registered Office: Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG.
Registered in England and Wales No: 3407430
Smart meters can help you understand your energy use,
control it more effectively and give you more accurate bills.
We’ve now installed 340,000 smart meters into customers’
homes and businesses and we’ll be investing over £1bn in
installing them over the next six years. Our specialist advisors
can help you to get a meter installed and show you how to get
the most out of it. You can register your interest here.
We’re helping people who are finding
it difficult to pay their bills
We’ve given discounts to over 330,000 customers who are
struggling to pay their bills in the winter months. We’ve visited
over 10,000 customers at home to help them budget and
manage their energy payments and we help those who can’t
pay their bill in full by agreeing a tailored repayment plan to
help them spread the cost of their energy.
been reviewing the way we talk
and write to you so that you’ll find it
easier to understand
We’re rewriting our bills, statements and letters to make sure
they’re clear and simple. We’re making sure that every time we
write to you there’s information on where to get help.
We’ve been part of an industry-wide initiative to make
sure that energy suppliers explain and present things in a
consistent way so you can compare what we do. We now
give you a tariff comparison rate so that you can compare
what you’re getting from us with other suppliers. We can
estimate how much gas and electricity you’re likely to use
in the coming year on your bill or statement, based on your
previous year’s usage.
We’ve made it easy for you to
contact us
We’ve designed our website around you, to make it clear and
if you can’t find the help you need we’ve made it easier for
you to contact us by phone. On our website you’ll find a list of
dedicated phone numbers that gets you straight through to a
team that can help.
For any queries we can’t resolve straight away, we’ll aim to get
back to you within 24 hours of you contacting us.
When you call us you’ll always talk to someone in the UK and
it’s charged at your local rate; if local calls are included in your
call package then it’s free.
We are helping more people to go online
We know that around one in five adults in the UK aren’t
comfortable using the internet, so we became a founding
partner of an organisation called Go On UK. Together we’re
working to make sure that all the information we give you
online is easy to understand and we’ve been running training
sessions across the country to show people how to help others
to get started online.
And if you need extra help like your bill printed larger, in
braille, or want Minicom services, you’ll find full information
on our website. If you’re eligible and need more support
you can also join our Priority Service Register to get tailored
services such as meter readers coming to collect regular meter
readings if you can’t do it yourself.
You can use our Smartphone App to give us your meter
readings and keep an eye on how much energy you’re using so
that it’s quick and hassle free.
If you prefer not to call but still want a more personal touch we
can help you via Facebook and Twitter.
If you think we’ve got something wrong you can call, email or
write to us and all the details can be found on our website and
on your bill. You can now escalate your complaint to a named
manager who’ll be your single point of contact until the matter
is resolved. And soon you’ll be able to track the progress of
your complaint online too.
We protect your data
We’ve trained all of our staff to make sure that they’re up-todate on Data Protection. This means that sometimes we’ll need
to ask you some questions to check you are who you say you
are, but we have your best interests at heart.
Coming soon
We are halving the time it takes to switch to us from 35 days to
17 days so you can join us quicker.
We often trial new services, for example we’ve realised that
it would make your life easier if we contact you when you’re
moving house. We’re also improving the website so that you
can do all of your move online and in your own time.
E.ON Energy Solutions Limited Registered Office: Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG.
Registered in England and Wales No: 3407430
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