Total Carpet Care System
Smart cleaning.
A Nilfisk-Advance Brand
One machine does it all, faster.
The Advance ES4000
Total Carpet Care System
offers complete versatility,
from everyday carpet
maintenance to deep
restorative extraction.
You want productivity.
You want flexibility.
You want value.
Upgrade from a fleet of dedicated use
carpet extractors to a single high
efficiency rider that offers vastly more
productivity, better equipment
utilization and faster cleaning. Realize
productivity improvements of up to
400% over walk-behind sweepers
and extractors. Clean better and clean
smarter while reducing your total
cost of ownership.
Only one machine offers the versatility
to care for your carpeted surfaces
according to your facility’s cleaning
requirements. The Advance ES4000
lets you perform everything from daily
touch ups of high traffic areas, to
low-moisture cleaning, to periodic
restorative extraction. All with
complete control, simple, One-Touch™
operation and higher levels of
productivity, in one machine.Dry Sweep
Dry Sweep
Why maintain multiple machines to
handle carpets when one capable
machine can do it all? The ES4000
delivers value every day. Compare
overall cost of ownership of the
ES4000 with the carpet maintenance
equipment you need now and you’ll
find a Total Carpet Care solution.
Four distinct operational modes let you clean the way you want:
Dry Sweep
with dual brushes for daily
sweeping and two-stage
filtration for complete dust
Interim Mode
with dry times under
30 minutes
using any Green certified
products from pre-spray to
for deep extraction
Dry Sweep, Interim, Pre-Treat and
Restorative Extraction with one machine
Open operator compartment offers
maximum visibility and easy boarding
Adjustable steering column fits any
operator and tilts upright for easy access
High-capacity tanks allow for extended
cleaning times
Exclusive two-stage filtration system
suppresses dust particles in Dry Sweep Mode
Dual Laminar flow vacuum shoes allow
for more efficient recovery of solution
Dual cylindrical anti-microbial brushes
clean and lift the carpet pile
• Cleans a 28 inch wide path; maneuverable through
standard 36 inch doorways
• Superior turning, visual and clearance ability. The
ES4000 turns within a 63 inch (160 cm) radius
• Dry Sweep Mode with vacuum suction, dust misting
and two-stage filtration. Dust misting captures dust
and eliminates the need for dust bags. Dry Sweep
up to 35,000 sq. ft. per hour
• Interim Mode allows cleaned carpet to be dry and
ready for use in less than 30 minutes. Extract up to
14,000 sq. ft. per hour – a 400% improvement over
walk-behind extractors
• Pre-Treat Mode using any Green certified products
from pre-spray to encapsulates. Pre-treat up to
21,000 sq. ft. per hour
• Restorative Extraction Mode deep cleans carpet, up
to 7,000 sq. ft. per hour
• At just 65 dB A, the
ES4000 is no louder than a
person speaking; This
makes daytime cleaning
possible without disturbing
facility occupants
ES4000 Increases Productivity Up To 400%
ES4000 cleans 18,500 ft2 — sweep and extract!
1 hour
16 inch Vacuum cleans 3,960 ft2
(1/2 hour)
21 inch Extractor cleans 3,960 ft2
(1/2 hour)
1 hour
Intuitive One-Touch™ controls for
all cleaning and operational
functions are at your fingertips.
Extraction speed and detergent
solution flow automatically adjust.
One-Touch Dry Sweep Mode
Extraction Mode
One-Touch chemical
application system
• Onboard detergent metering eliminates the need for
pre-mixing solution and reduces chemical costs and
environmental impact
• Refillable cartridges are interchangeable with your
choice of chemicals, including pre-spray, detergent,
and encapsulates
• The ES4000 Total Carpet Care System
has received CRI-SOA certification
The Total Carpet Care Solution for:
• Airports and Transportation Terminals
• Hotels and Hospitality Centers
• Casinos, Theaters and
Entertainment Facilities
• Convention Centers and Ballrooms
• Government and Military Buildings
• Building Service Contractors
• Healthcare Facilities
• Educational Facilities
The ES4000 gives you the versatility to care for your carpeted
surfaces according to your facility’s cleaning requirements —
from daily touch ups of high traffic areas, to interim cleaning,
to periodic deep restorative extraction.
ES4000 Specifications
Solution System
Solution Capacity
28 gal
Solution Pump
100 psi diaphragm demand
Flow Rates
0.1 gpm (dry sweep mode)
0.3 gpm (interim mode)
0.9 gpm (pre-treat mode)
0.8 gpm (restorative mode)
Recovery Capacity
28 gal
Vacuum System
Vacuum Motor
Dual 3 stage bypass
90 cfm
67 in H2O
Vacuum Shoes
Dual pivoting laminar flow 40 lb down pressure
Brush System
Cleaning Path
28 in Dual counter rotating brushes
Brush Motors
Dual 0.5 hp (373 W)
Brush Speed
900 RPM
Sound Level
65 dB A IEC 60704-1
Electrical System
Electrical System
24 V 4 X 6 V batteries
Drive Motor
1.05 hp (780 W)
Machine Speed
3.91 mph (6.3 kph) transport
3.12 mph (4.8 kph) dry sweep
275 ft/min (dry sweep mode)
100 ft/min (interim mode)
150 ft/min (pre-treat mode)
50 ft/min (restorative mode)
Maximum Coverage Per Tank
21,778 sq ft (interim mode)
4,078 sq ft (restorative mode)
CRI Approval
Machine Dimensions
L 61 in x W 27.5 in x H 51.7 in (61 cm X 70 cm X 131 cm)
Machine Weight
587 lb (266 kg) without batteries
1,447 lb (656 kg) with batteries and full tank
Turning Radius
62.5 in (1.59 m)
Accessories and Options
Warning Beacon
15 foot Hose
Light Duty Wand
Heavy Duty Wand
Seat Belt
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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