Instuction Guide

The KWE wired Eye is part of the Keene IR Distribution range. It utilises the
ability of a SKY® receiver to be controlled via the RF2 coaxial socket and
provides a “hardwired” in cabinet control solution.
Instead of affixing an IR emitter on or near to the SKY® receiver front panel
you can now connect the IR emitter output directly to the Wired Eye. This gives
reliable results and also prevents any IR bleed, perfect for a situation where
multiple SKY® boxes are used in close proximity.
Instructions for enabling RF2:
To enable the RF2 on a SKY® box, on your remote press services, then 0, then press 0, 1, then press select (please
note nothing will change on screen until you have pressed select). This should take you to a screen with more options
and settings. Go across to RF output, and change the RF power outlet to on. You must then press green to save the
settings you've changed.
Wired Eye
RF2 socket is extended
and still available for
RF2 socket
Connect to the IR emitter
output of:
(and any other Keene product
with an IR emitter output)
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