Vidicode Business Recorder documentatie

Suppose you could keep
your meetings on ice
Better safe than sorry
Using the Vidicode Business Recorder not a word of what has
been said during a meeting will be lost. Record every meeting,
conference, interview, lecture or training in superior sound
quality at the push of a button.
The user friendliness, the excellent recording capacity and the
different export options are some of the features that make
the Business Recorder an essential piece of equipment for every
organisation. You can share the recordings via the web interface,
e-mail or simply by putting them on CD or USB memory stick.
The Business Recorder has an internal microphone and, included
in the package, an external Omni-directional microphone. It can
also be connected to an existing microphone system in meetingand conference rooms.
WEB interface
• Built in hard disk and CD recorder
Recording of: meetings, dictations, interviews,
(press) conferences, interrogations, job interviews,
performance reviews, training sessions, lectures,
brain storm sessions, legal logbooks etc.
• Software for easy access of the recordings
• Recordings accessible via web interface
• Easy distribution of recordings via e-mail, USB stick and CD
• Several recording formats, MP3, WAV, mono, stereo, etc.
• A minutes secretary can set markers during a meeting using
the remote control and jump from marker to marker when
working up the notes.
The included PC-software presents the recordings
in a database. You can download recordings to
the PC, play back faster or slower and attach the
recordings to an e-mail.
Web Interface
Technical Specifications
Access System
The Web interface allows access to your Business
Recorder via any web browser. You can search for
recordings and play them back in Windows Media
Player or Quick Time.
Article number: 040.03012
Power: input 90-264V~ 47-63Hz
Ambient temperature: 0° to 40°C
Size (L/W/H): 260 mm / 190 mm / 55 mm
Weight: 1100 grams
Serial IO poort (RS232): Mini-DIN 8pin female
Ethernet: 10-BASE-T / 100-BASE-T RJ45 UTP
2x USB: USB Client
Optical output: S/PDIF
Headset/loudspeakers out: 3.5mm mini jack
Headset/microphone in: 3.5mm mini jack
2x microphone in: 6.3mm TRS with
selectable (No/5V/48V) phantom power
� CryptoCard reader (front): Credit Card size
Technical Approvals
� EMC: CE, FCC15 subpartB
� Safety: EN60950
� Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
� 2 years on hardware
Encryption saves recordings from unauthorised play
back or tamparing. Only the right CryptoCard and
PIN code will make the recordings accessible again.
Box Content
Business Recorder, power supply, remote control,
software with license, manual, quick guide,
Samson CM11B microphone with cable.
• CryptoCards • Foot pedal ( 090.03095)
• Audio Technica building-in ceiling microphone ( 090.03098)
• SAMSON omni-directional phantom power mic ( 090.03096)
Recording time and coding methods (adjustable)
Coding method
Capacity HD
Capacity CD
MP3 - 64 Kb/sec.
2127 hours
21 hours
MP3 - 96 Kb/sec.
1417 hours
14 hours
MP3 - 128 Kb/sec.
1063 hours
10 hours
MP3 - 192 Kb/sec.
708 hours
7 hours
MP3 - 384 Kb/sec.
354 hours
3,5 hours
Uncompressed WAVE (CD quality)
97 hours
1 hour
Vidicode Partner:
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W.M. Dudokweg 4
1703 DB Heerhugowaard
T: +31 (0) 72 5345 002
F: +31 (0) 72 5345 001
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